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A lovely photo showing Caitlyn Jenner sporting a black dress and simple necklace as she poses for the camera.

Caitlyn Jenner Had An Awkward Moment With Sophia Hutchins

Gettyimages | Rodin Eckenroth
By Favour

Caitlyn Jenner has tried her best to keep a low profile life for years now. Since she came out as a transgender, she has led a rather simple and amazing life hat has no doubt been going well for her. However, that permanent vacation from the spotlight may have just been altered recently as news is circulating that she is walking around with a broken heart.

According to unconfirmed sources, Caitlyn has been romantically involved with a model named Sophia Hutchins.

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When the news came out, everyone was shocked because Caitlyn had changed her sexuality, no one knew she had changed how she preferred to explore it. Either way, even without evidence and the truth, the rumors stuck.

Fans also believed that Caitlyn and Sophia are now engaged which is great news, if only it was true.

Some people say that the weight of a rumor or lie painted to be the truth, is heavier than the truth itself. Seeing how this statement is true, Sophia decided to clear the air once and for all with her fans and that of Caitlyn.

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According to the model, it is true that Caitlyn walked in on her when she had a male visitor over. However, that does not mean she was upset about it because they certainly had nothing romantic going on. Rather, Sophia mentioned that the only kind of relationship that exists between her and Caitlyn is more of a 'parental' one.

She further disclosed that walking in on her with a man did not mean anything to Caitlyn as the television personality gives her advice on the relationships that Sophia goes into.

A lovely photo of alleged lovers, Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins sporting black and white dresses respectively at an event.
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So, for the record, there is no hanky panky between Sophia and Caitlyn, rather, they are best described as mummy bear and baby bear.

Still speaking on the issue, Sophia told Juicy Scoop podcast that Caitlyn has made a habit out of barging into her home, especially when she has a guest or guests over.

"She kind of saw a lot of things happening and so, it's kind of like living with your parents." Sophia said.

That's right Caitlyn, people need their privacy sometimes.

Sophia Hutchins looks incredible in this red pattered low-cut dress and black pump to match.
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Sophia wrapped up her long speech by saying that the experiences with Caitlyn and what she had to see, made her feel like it was time to move out.

Over the years, Caitlyn and Sophia have been almost inseparable as they are seen in many places all the time. This closeness forced out the rumors that the duo were dating and recently, got engaged. Well, no one can entirely blame the fans. How would they have described Sophia jetting off to Australia to meet Caitlyn the moment she got out from the "I'm A Celebrity Jungle."

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