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‘Southern Charm’ Kathryn Dennis Rapidly Losing Endorsement Deals After Racism Bombshell

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By Kay Lewis

The cast of “Southern Charm” is really having to fight off the drama during this pandemic. Kathryn Dennis has been dropped as a brand ambassador by a clothing boutique all thanks to that racist remark she made towards a black activist and radio host. Recently Dennis was taken to task for sending a monkey emoji to an activist and radio host named Mika Gadsden. Dennis and Gadsden got into a spat about a Trump parade that was scheduled to take place.

Kathryn Got Into It With An Activist

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The activist obviously pointed out how this could be taken in a negative light and Dennis was not here for her reality. The parade was meant to be a “Trump Boat Parade” where people who own boats would take them out on the water and celebrate the President. Dennis took offense to the fact that Gadsden called out how ridiculous this whole idea was. But it also seems like the mom of two took personal offense to what was a general statement.

Her Messages Caused A Stir Among Her Fans And Cast Mates

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She attacked Gadsden with a set of reckless messages. One of the messages featured the monkey emoji. Gadsden exposed Dennis in a tweet, “This is what happens when a Black woman in #Charleston speaks up against white supremacy in the form of MAGA rallies. My comments re: Mylk Bar prompted this @BravoTV “actor” @KathrynDennis to taunt me with monkey emojis in my DMs. Along with a whole host of other names.” Gadsden also share a few other messages from Dennis that were equally inappropriate.

Kathryn Is Now Missing Out On Making Money

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Dennis is now being dropped by one of her biggest endorsements, Gwynn’s a clothing boutique in Charleston, NC. The fiery redhead shared the moment she got the endorsement a few seasons back and fans were happy that she was finally getting out from under her baby daddy Thomas Ravenel’s toxicity. Unfortunately, for Dennis, the company is not willing to put up with her bad behavior. They released a statement cutting all ties with Dennis. "As a minority-owned business, Gwynn's and our employees are dedicated to serving all members of our community," began the Instagram statement.

Kathryn's Apology Did Not Go Over Well

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“Indisputably Kathryn Dennis' comments and statements to Tamika Gadsen [sic] do not reflect the values of the Gwynn’s brand. Her previous affiliation as a brand ambassador was periodic and on a contract basis. We stand in unity with people of color and with causes that fight to end injustices.” Dennis was also savagely ripped apart by some of her co-stars who found her comments disgusting. Naomie Olindo recently quit the show but shared that it was because of people like Dennis. “To all those asking why Cameran, Chelsea and I (and anyone with a life they want to protect) quit the show,” she shared a screenshot of Cameran Eubanks’ Instagram story regarding a fake story about her husband cheating with Dennis supposedly spearheading the rumors. She also added, “It’s sh-t like this. Shame on you @kathryndennis for this and many other things” she then added a monkey emoji clearly referring to Dennis’ latest scandal. Dennis did issue an apology but unfortunately, no one believes it’s sincere.

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