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Vanessa Hudgens looking sexy

Vanessa Hudgens Flashes Sexy Chest & Flat Tummy In Neon Workout Gear

Instagram @vanessahudgens
By Jacob Highley

Vanesa Hudgens, the "High School Musical" actress who played fan-favorite "Gabriella Montez", just posted yet another smoking hot update of her toned abs and exposed top. This comes after one of her last updates which showed the 31-year-old actress wearing transparent full-body lingerie/nylon.

In this latest post, Vanessa can be seen wearing super-colorful workout pants paired with a sexy-black and yellow workout bra. With her makeup done, hair back, and skin absolutely glowing, Hudgens looks like she's totally in her element.

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Fans Say, 'Quit Teasing, Do Playboy'

Vanessa Hudgens Wears See-Through Lingerie
Instagram @vanessahudgens

With 39 million followers on Instagram and a staggering 3,500+ posts, Vanessa has quickly become a major social influencer. Her acting career has been massively successful as well. One of the last major films she co-starred in was the third entry in the Bad Boys series, "Bad Boys for Life" which featured other major actors like Will Smith.

Vanessa continues to wow her fans both career/movie-wise, and picture wise. One fan was so smitten after seeing some of her most revealing photos that they commented, "quit teasing us and do Playboy,,,,Please."

Vanessa Says, 'Caption Me'

Vanessa Hudgens In Black Bikini
Instagram @vanessahudgens

Although Vanessa has denied intentional releases of nude or scanty images of herself on the web, and has actually sued websites like "" for posting such content, Vanessa herself has occasionally published revealing photos of herself on her social media.

She also posted odd photos of her head being photoshopped onto things like a Velociraptor asking her viewers to "Caption Me".

Her fans gobbled the posts right up, with one fan wittingly commenting, "Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, clever girl", and another saying, "Next season "The Masked Singer" costume , 😉".

Vanessa Released Two Albums

Vanessa Hudgens With Curly Hair
Instagram @vanessahudgens

Some may find it surprising to know that the "Thirteen" movie star actually released two music albums, "V" and "Identified". She sold millions of copies around the world and was sued twice for different allegations. (The first was won in her favor, the second settled with different results)

Vanessa hasn't released an album since 2008 and continues to focus on her acting and movie career.

This has paid off big time for Hudgens since she now has an estimated net worth of $10 million dollars.

Showing Love To Everyone

Vanessa Hudgens With Wings
Instagram @vanessahudgens

After the pandemic broke out earlier this year, Vanessa updated her Instagram description saying, "STAY IN!!!! Don’t go out. Let’s get thru this together ❤️". She has taken part in several live streams and actively advocates that families stay home to minimize exposure or spread of the Coronavirus.

With so much more time on her hands staying home, Vanessa has been practicing her dancing and personal fitness more often. She captioned one of her last dance videos with, "Y’all I learned the Harlem shake today. Scuze the language 😳 this was the second try to show off my new move Hahahahahahah go ahead, tell me how to make it better...."

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