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Glanville and Richard's taking a selfie

‘RHOBH’ Alum Brandi Glanville Is Finally ‘Spilling’ Her Truth On The Denise Richards ‘Open Marriage’ Scandal

@brandiglanville Instagram
By Kay Lewis

For months, the cast of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” has been going back and forth on social media pointing fingers at one another. However, the biggest scandal to come from this back and forth is the accusations against Denise Richards from Brandi Glanville in regard to an open marriage and scandalous threesome. Glanville has promised to tell fans all about it and it seems that time has come. The mom of two took to Twitter to post an interesting photo and caption.

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RHOBH Has Been A Snooze-Fest So Far

Glanville taking a selfie with a pink headband
@brandiglanville Instagram

After a lackluster episode featuring Lisa Rinna’s daughter showcasing their “DNA” athletic wear, Glanville drew all the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” fans attention when she posted a photo of herself in what looked to be a make shift confessional. The desperate wannabe housewife captioned the photo “Truth Cannon Strikes Again ✌🏼 #SeeYouSoon #RHOBH”. She didn’t mention explicitly if the photo had anything to do with the show, but she did hashtag it “RHOBH” so what should people assume? Fans immediately took notice seeing as they are five episodes in and complaining of boredom.

Fans Begged Her To Spill The Tea

Glanville in a sexy pose with arms above her head
@brandiglanville Instagram

They were begging Glanville for all the tea instead of having to wait on the season to pick up. Fans also overwhelmingly supported her in the comments. Practically begging her to relieve them of their boredom. “Edge…of…my…seat…” said one follower. Another echoed her sentiments, “Brandi coming to save RHOBH” said another pairing it with a meme of Lady Gaga in one of her music videos. Glanville has been teasing fans for month with this insane storyline of a supposed hook up she had with Denise Richards and her husband of one-year Aaron Phypers.

Denise Proves She Won't Be Going Down Without A Fight

Richards taking a selfie in a grey sweatshirt
@deniserichards Instagram

Richards is denying any such thing happened and she even went to the lengths of serving Glanville with a cease and desist letter even though fans will ultimately get to see the drama play out on TV. Unfortunately, fans were hoping that Glanville would spontaneously spill the tea right then and there but no such luck. She may not like it, but she too is under contract with Bravo and while most people ca already piece together what the drama is, there is nothing like seeing it play out right before your eyes.

Will Brandi Finally Be On The Next Episode?

Giphy | T. Kyle

Glanville has always rocked the boat at this point, it is in her nature. One has to assume that Glanville is posting this photo and caption now because it will be happening soon. Fans are speculating that this is a tease for next week’s episode. This would make a lot of sense seeing as the last few weeks Glanville, who normally can’t shut up about the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” hasn’t said a peep about the series. Fans can only hope they will get the much-needed drama that they tune in for.

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