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Playboy Mansion Life: Sleeping On The Lawn & No Dates - Not So Glamorous

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By TheBlast Staff on November 25, 2021 at 7:17 AM EST

Jenna Bentley is a former Playboy bunny who moved into the house with other girls and Hef back in 2007 when she was just 18. She recalls that life at the Playboy Mansion was certainly as wild as it appeared on the shows produced by E!, at the time. However, there were also some aspects to Playboy Mansion life that weren't so great.

There were some rules that Hefner set for the girls who lived rent-free in his home. But, those rules though did not stop Jenna Bentley from having the time of her life at the Playboy Mansion, a setting that she believes will never be replicated by anyone.

Let's breakdown each of these rules...

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Not ALL The Girls Slept With Hef At The Playboy Mansion

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By the time that Jenna Bentley got to the Playboy Mansion Hef already had a pretty good system in place for the girls that he had living on property. No, that system did not include shacking up with every girl.

In fact, Bentley says that she never engaged in any type of sexual intercourse with Hefner. Bentley revealed how lodging was set up during her time living at the Playboy mansion. The house had 3 main rooms apart from Hefner's where his official girlfriends would stay. Bentley and 12 other girls would live in what was called, "The Bunny House"; A property adjacent to the main mansion.

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The Rules That They Had To Follow

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[Photo via Mega Agency]

There were just a few rules that the girls had to follow. According to Bentley these rules were strictly enforced.

To start, the girls had a set curfew of 9pm. She recalls that missing the curfew hour would mean having to sleep on the lawn!  With that L.A. traffic, making it home by 9pm must have been a real challenge.

Also, there was a strict policy on dating other guys. There was a 'no boyfriend rule', and it essentially applied to any type of male companion. Bentley recalls that breaking that particular rule would result in getting booted from the house.

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Parties At The Playboy Mansion: Just As Amazing As You Imagined!

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Although the rules that the girls had to follow were pretty strict, there were certainly major upsides to staying at the bunny house.

There was staff on hand all the time to tend to the girls' needs. Also, they had access to all of the lavish parties that Hef threw on property. Bentley said that they were exactly what people from the outside looking in thought they were. She even recalls that she saw a ton of different celebrities getting intimate around the house, while adding that she too participated in some of these activities...

As far as Hef goes, he was in his early 80s when Bentley moved in. As we mentioned she never shared his bed. She does recall though walking in on him sharing it with three other girls. At 80+ years of age, the man, the myth, the legend was still going strong!

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