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A photo showing Aaliyah dressed in a one-hand black dress at an event.

Famous Rapper Eve Once Took Over A Tune That Belonged To The Late Aaliyah

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Aaliyah was a popular musician and actress who rose to fame at a very young age. She not only had the beauty, she was talented and energetic. She was well known for her sleek and smooth voice and amazing hip-hop tracks. She released several songs, some of which include; "4 Page Letter" and "One In A Million."

With Aaliyah in the picture, there was hope for the new generation of hip-hop stars and that is how much everyone loved and adored her.

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When Aaliyah was trying to make a headway in the music industry, she only associated herself with producers who were willing to risk it all for the sake of hip-hop. Aaliyah brought new sound waves and talent to the table and for that, fans will remain entirely grateful blessed by her presence in the music industry.

During her career, Aaliyah partnered with stars like Timbaland and Miss Elliot to create magic in the hip-hop world. She also wanted to have an audience with Swizz Beats and show him what she was made of, but could not.

A lovely smile from Aaliyah to bright up your day.
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Before Aaliyah could get a chance to talk things over with Swizz, she died in a tragic plane crash. Before she dies, Aaliyah made arrangements for a custom track with Swizz, and he agreed. Neither of them knew that the song was going to be a hit at the end of the day.

After a while, Swizz gave out the custom track to a fellow rapper known as Eve. Fortunately for the rapper, the song, which was supposed to be Aaliyah's, became one of the biggest hits of Eve's career as a rapper.

Aaliyah looks incredible in this black crop top paired with black leather pant on the street.
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At that time, Eve was planning on releasing an album, so Swizz thought it best to hand the track over to her. Swizz thought that since it was going to be her debut album, then there was no reason to hold on to it.

Speaking about his agreement with Aaliyah, Swizz told Complex Magazine that before her death, Aaliyah was excited to work with him because she had just left R.Kelly and wanted to focus on her music, writing and productions.

A black and white photo of Aaliyah reading a book and she has a smile on her face.
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Swizz's decision to give Eve the track after the death of Aaliyah was no doubt the right call because the rapper made good use of the opportunity. During an interview with MTV, Eve mentioned that her favorite part of the song, was the chorus.

The song earned a spot on Eve's album titled "Let There Be Eve...Ruff Ryder's First Lady," which was released in 1999. In that year, it ranked number one on the Hip-Hop/R&B charts and stayed there for 17 weeks.

immediately gave Eve the recognition she needed in the music industry and in no time

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