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Tristan Thompson Allegedly Took A DNA Test This Year, Did He Father Another Child?

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By Ona L

Tristan Thompson being in the media is never a good thing. The basketball player is more known for his off-court drama than his actual career. Now it seems like he has new drama in the form of another possible offspring. Just when the scandal with Jordyn Woods has finally started to calm down, Thompson has managed to pull himself into new drama. The only difference is he managed to hide it for a short while. The “Say Bible” Podcast released some dirt on the scandal and the woman behind it.

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@khloekardashian Instagram

“Say Bible” IG page shared a photo of a few documents naming Thompson as a possible father of the now 5-year-old child. They wrote, “Tristan Thompson quietly took a DNA test on a child back in January and due for a second test.” They also reported that the mother of the child hired the Bloom Firm to represent her, but the deal, unfortunately, went bad. “The woman hired the Bloom firm to handle her matter but was let go by Lisa Bloom after the Bloom firm was unable to settle her matter with Tristan Thompson.”

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The mother whose name is Kimberly was uncomfortable with how much the Kardashian women including Kris Jenner were involved with the paternity. Thompson reportedly refused to get tests done anywhere that the family did not approve. She was allegedly dropped from the firm because of the run around Thompson was giving them to secure a DNA sample. The initial test according to the documents was taken in January and second test is scheduled to take place sooner rather than later.


The IG account also provided receipts of correspondence between the Bloom Firm, the Kimberly and Thompson courtesy of “”. The mother of the alleged child also spoke within the documents. She claimed that Thompson knew she was only with him and that’s “why he took the test”. Kimberly also shared a few text message between her and Thompson. “you and I both know what the f**k happened,” she wrote. “so you can keep living this little fairy tale.. and ima keep living reality and very soon you’ll be woken up from it.”

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She also shared with Thompson in another text what is sick of doing “I’m tired of keeping quiet” she sounds like a fed up woman. She went on to make sure Thompson knew that unlike her former law firm, she is not “afraid of him or Kris [Jenner]” those are clearly fighting words. It is unsure of how old the child is or if it is even Thompson’s child. One thing is for sure though, no one is surprised about this mess. In addition, this will probably not be the last time some accuses him of fathering their child. He is slowly but surely working his way up to rapper Future’s baby daddy status.

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