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Eva Marcille, Cynthia Bailey, and Porsha Williams at RHOA season 11 reunion

‘RHOA’ Eva Marcille’s Husband Goes Off On Porsha Williams For Disrespecting His Wife

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By Ona L

Eva Marcille and Porsha Williams once had a friendship that was blooming like a peaceful flower underneath the hot Atlanta sun. Now the two seem to be at one another’s throats and the husbands are getting involved. This week was part one of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion and boy oh boy did things get shady. The women went tit for tat with just about everything. Williams and Marcille seemed to be the least likely to start fighting both women have so much in common.

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The Women Have A Lot In Common

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Marcille and Williams are both mothers of young children and embarking on relationships that are very much in the public eye. However, just because you have a thing or two in common, does not mean an automatic friendship will form. In fact, Marcille and Williams friendship took a bad turn when Williams made it seem like Marcille had a lot of negative things to say about almost all the women. In addition, Williams felt that Marcille spoke negatively about her daughter Philar by referring to the child as “Dennis with a bow”. When Marcille was called out about this during the reunion a shouting match took place. Now, Michael Sterling, Marcille’s husband has a lot to say about Williams.

Eva's Husband Didn't Like How Porsha Came For His Wife

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In a video recorded by Marcille while laying in her bed, Sterling went off on Williams for attacking his wife. “Why is this person mad at you or trying to come for you when I know that multiple people, you’ve had their back on multiple occasions, tried to help them, and now, for a TV show, for a check, they’re trying to come for you,” he said. Sterling went on to insinuate that he knows the truth about Williams, and he is baffled that she would open her mouth like that against his wife.

Mike Had Some Tea On Porsha And Dennis

Eva and husband Mike Sterling
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“It’s messed up to me, and maybe I’m just a regular, simple person who doesn’t watch enough reality TV, but it’s messed up to me when I know the truth.” Well damn, sounds like Zaddy Sterling has some tea to spill on Williams better yet, maybe Dennis McKinley, Williams partner. Lord knows those two have scandals for days with McKinley constantly in the press for his alleged cheating. Sterling even insinuated that he has helped out the troubled couple in so many ways. “People who I represented pro-bono. People who we’ve helped out, who we really, really, you are our people….And then to see them try and play you or come at you.”

Porsha Remains Not Phased By Her Reaction To Eva


Sterling went on to share that he feels as though Williams should have been fair in how she came for Marcille. Essentially meaning why did she only attack her and none of the other ladies. “You ain’t said a cross word to this person. Why they coming at you like that? For a TV show? You gone sell your integrity for a check? You gone sell your conscious for some money?” Williams has maintained her position that Marcille’s comment about her daughter were meant in a negative light. She won’t be forgiving her anytime soon.

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