Zayn Malik’s Sister Slams Hadid Family Over Brother’s Criminal Charges

Gigi Hadid & Daughter's Holiday Plans Are Shaky Amid Zayn Malik Breakup!

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By MLC on November 24, 2021 at 10:56 AM EST

The holiday season is in full swing with Thanksgiving right around the corner.

This is usually a time when families come together to express their gratitude for one another and all of life’s special moments, but for others, things can be a bit contentious.

Unfortunately for Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, they’re on the more contentious side of things.

The once loved-up couple broke up last month after Zayn and Gigi’s mother, Yolanda Hadid, got into a physical altercation.

The Blast previously reported on the shocking news.

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Gigi's holiday plans are on shaky ground!

Zayn Malik’s Sister Slams Hadid Family Over Brother’s Criminal Charges

According to TMZ, the former One Direction singer “struck” her during an argument at Zayn and Gigi’s east coast home.

Back in September, Yolanda reportedly showed up to the home unannounced while Gigi was away on business and Zayn was watching their daughter, Khai, solo.

The two exchanged some words, which included Z calling Yolanda a “Dutch slut,” and an altercation ensued.

Zayn was given two harassment charges involving Yolanda, one charge for harassing Gigi over the phone and another charge involving a security guard, John McMahon, whom he attempted to “physically engage in a fight,” per the court documents.

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Zayn charged with harassment in Yolanda altercation

Zayn Malik Claims He DID NOT Strike ‘RHOBH’ Star Yolanda Hadid!

Zayn has plead no contest to all of the charges, but he will have to serve 90 days probation for each count.

Now, with all of this trauma still settling between the former couple, it appears Gigi is still trying to figure out how to spend the holidays.

According to Hollywoodlife, the supermodel is apparently unsure about how the holidays will look for her and Zayn’s baby girl Khai, as they’re set to spend their first festive holiday apart.

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Gigi & Khai may spend time away from Zayn this holiday season

Zayn and Gigi welcomed Khai in September 2020 and spent their first holiday season as a family of three together; however, everything is different this year.

The outlet reports the super model plans to spend Thanksgiving with her mom and siblings this year.

A source reportedly told the outlet, “With everything going on, Gigi knows the holidays won’t be the same this year as they were last. Gigi loved celebrating with her whole family together, Zayn included. But now that they’ve split, she doesn’t know exactly how that will look.”

As we’ve previously reported, Gigi has no intention of keeping their daughter away from Zayn.

The 26-year-old is ‘focused on co-parenting Khai’ with Zayn, so spending time with her ex isn’t out of the question, according to the insider.

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The source added: “She’s planning on celebrating Thanksgiving with her mom at the Pennsylvania farm, Bella and Anwar plan on being there too.”

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