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Hayley Williams Teases New ‘Paramore’ Music Amidst Twitter Controversy

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By Kristin Myers on November 24, 2021 at 8:10 AM EST

Singer Hayley Williams is solo no longer!

The lead singer of “Paramore” went solo last year recording “Petals for Armor,” which was the singer’s first studio album. Released on May 8, 2020, the album was a blend of indie pop, synth-pop, and experimental pop that featured a much different sound than “Misery Business” fans are used to.

However, Williams’ company has been embroiled in scandal for the past month. Known for her ever-changing hair colors, Williams and long-time hairstylist Brian O’Connor finally launched their own brand of vegan and cruelty-free hair dyes called Good Dye Young.

The brand is looking to make a few changes as a result of inappropriate tweets that were sent out from a member of the Good Dye Young social media team.

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Good Dye Young Staff Member Invalidates Brazilian Fanbase

In a statement posted to Twitter on November 3, Good Dye Young attempted to do damage control by explaining the situation from their perspective.

They wrote, “A few days ago, one of our team members made a joke from a personal account about the Brazilian Paramore fanbase regarding GDY’s IG account being disabled. This team member previously engaged in funny back and forth tweets and banter with a few members of the Brazilian fanbase but then made a statement that was intended as a joke, but instead unintentionally hurt a lot of people’s feelings.”

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They continued, “Paramore’s fans in Brazil are loyal, passionate, and incredibly engaged. This team member issued an apology immediately, a lot of the people who were hurt did not initially receive it. The apology along with the team member’s personal account were both taken offline for safety and security after they were met with death threats and other troubling responses.”

Although they said that they were “Genuinely very sorry for any hurt that was caused this week,” a lot of fans weren’t buying it.

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“death threats??? seriously???” one fan demanded. “is too easy for you all accusing Brazilian people to be crazy, savage, or whatever than just admit that a member of you was xenophobic. Doesn't matter if was an official account or other. Works here and REPRESENT the brand. I'm so disappointed.”

“is it serious that you are going to treat xenophobia as a joke?” another asked. “and are they still accusing us of threatening someone with death? this is worse than I imagined and you guys don't know that well about the story. I am disappointed!”

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Hayley Addresses The GDY Community Directly

Williams and O'Connor released a statement on Facebook on Tuesday night in order to address the “recent Twitter controversy directly.”

They shared that they haven’t addressed the controversy sooner because “There’s been a lot going on that’s caused this delay… namely my (Hayley) being away to record with the band.”

They went on to apologize again for the incident and explained steps that they are taking towards accountability, such as hiring a “global 3rd party Human Resources agency that will help us in establishing principles that will guide us inside and outside the office through interactions and company philosophies.”

They also promised “Culture Check-ups” to “make sure that we are collaboratively honoring any new policies put in place.”

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Although some fans commented “Way to dodge the controversy by not even addressing it?”, other fans couldn’t help but rejoice in a potential new “Paramore” album.

“Sooo you’re saying Hayley is making new music with the band??” one fan asked.

The band’s last album was 2017’s “After Laughter,” which is the band’s fifth studio album. The album featured an eclectic mix of pop-rock, new wave, and power pop. With Williams and the band constantly experimenting with their sound, fans can’t wait to hear the new music “Paramore” has in store for them next!

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