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Jimmy Kimmel poses for photographers

Jimmy Kimmel Slams Trump Administration After 'Death Threats' Were Sent To Him By MAGA Supporters

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By Chris Barilla

On Monday night, the ongoing feud between television host Jimmy Kimmel and the Trump administration was furthered more so when Kimmel issued a halfhearted apology to Vice President Mike Pence followed by a passionate rant against President Donald Trump for his alleged shortcomings while in office.

This most recent response by Kimmel escalates the already steadily brewing Twitter feud between him and the President, something Kimmel has been cadid with throughout Trump's presidency, but even more frequently in recent times.

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The famed television host's most recent iteration of beef with the White House came about on Thursday when he shared an alleged clip of Pence delivering empty boxes of personal protective equipment to a hospital.

When it was deemed that the clip was edited, Kimmel issued somewhat of an apology to Pence and removed the video in question from his Twitter feed.

However,​ that wasn't enough for the President, who took to Twitter himself to condemn Kimmel's​ post, calling it "fake news."

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Kimmel responded to the President's comments, quote tweeting his post with a response telling Trump to "go make Melania brunch."

In his Monday monologe, Kimmel doubled down on his disdain for the Trump administration, furthering his argument by making reference to the way that Trump's supporters were treating him in the wake of the exchange. Supporters even went as far as allegedly sending him and family members death threats over the less than ideal comments he had shared to Twitter about the President.

Jimmy Kimmel poses for photographers
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Apologizing to the Trump administration for spreading untruth is like apologizing for Barry Bonds for using steroids," the host said in the show segment Monday.

"It's hard. But the outrage from the MAGA hats, the outpouring of venom, was disgusting," he continued to explain, calling those who sent death threats to him and his family members "lunatics." Kimmel said that the events that transpired throughout the day because of his impromptu feud with the President made for "the strangest Mother's Day ever."

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Kimmel then explained that he had been informed by Pence's office that his video apology to the Vice President "wasn't enough," so he asked the Vice President and his team to communicate a likewise message to Trump.

"We would like an apology for separating thousands of migrant children from their parents, inviting the Taliban to Camp David, siding with Vladimir Putin over U.S. intelligence, calling Neo-nazis 'very fine people,' using campaign money to pay off a porn star,' mocking a 16-year-old climate activist," Kimmel said to fans of Trump.

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