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Jamie Pilar Chapman

Duane 'Dog' Chapman's Daughter-In-Law Goes OFF On Social Media Haters

By Clark Sparky

It's been a joyous time for the Chapman family after the family's patriarch, Duane "Dog" Chapman, announced he is engaged to be married following the death of his wife, Beth, last year. But his daughter-in-law Jamie Pilar is not at all pleased with some of the attacks she's been on the receiving end of on social media.

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Pilar, who is married to Dog's son LeLand, shared a TikToc video in which she unloaded on the haters.

"All those haters out there leaving hateful comments: I didn't give a f--k yesterday, I don't have a f--k today to give, and it looks like we're out of f--ks already tomorrow. Maybe try again next year; 2020 looks like everything is out of stock, including the f--ks you think I'm gonna give."

She continued: "I don't know! I might buy me a box of f--ks to give, but right now I have no f--ks to give. So f--k you and yeah, f--k your opinion, because I don't f--king care. Try someone else."

While some haters appeared in the comments of the video, many of her fans loved it.


"Yeeeeesssssssse. I so could of used this yesterday lol," another wrote.

"You rock and you tell them and just love you and you are amazing!" a third added.

"Omg.. i love this! I’m right there with you girl!" someone else exclaimed.

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Dog announced earlier this month that he and girlfriend Francie Frane are getting married. Pilar's sister-in-law, Lyssa Chapman, has been supportive of his relationship.

"I think that it's really hard for people to see dad move on. It's hard for us, it's hard for the world. Beth and Dog were always together for everything, so it's been an adjustment period. And I think it's kind of selfish for people to kind of on-look and say things - even myself," she told The Sun.

"I am not him. I don't know what he's personally going through or experiencing. So it's hard. It's selfish to put your judgment on someone and say, 'You didn't wait long enough, or you should have waited more time or that it's disrespectful,'" Lyssa added. "I think that's selfish... you don't know what someone's going through."

Dog also had a message for people who don't approve: "You know there's always going to be haters, and I probably arrested half of them," he said.

"I think too that there's always going to be people who say we did this wrong or we did that wrong or we've moved on too quickly or too fast," Frane added. "But the truth is that both of us have spent three years walking alongside our spouses sick and we know that God brought us together and that's why we don't believe that it's too soon, and because we both have done our share of screaming and crying and asking why. Then for us to come together the way that we did and build this friendship because of what we've been through, that turned into a love story. We don't believe that it's too soon."

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