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Emily Ratajkowski posing in a revealing red blouse

Is Snail Mucus A Skincare Secret?

Emily Ratajkowski / Instagram
By Angelic Conoscere

Anyone who wants to maintain youthful looking skin may have tried dozens of different skincare routines hoping to find their perfect match. Fans of the model and actress Emily Ratajkowski take note of how well the starlet maintains her skin. Her face always looks so ravishing and flawless, her skincare routine is desired knowledge from her fans. Some fans may be shocked and curious about the snail mucus that is reportedly found in one of the products that she uses.

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Snail Fluids

A snail sliding across of a rock
Unsplash | Zdeněk Macháček

Apparently the mucus that snails produce have been gaining its popularity in the skincare industry, being able to be found in several products. During a Q&A on Ratajkowski's Instagram account fans questioned how she takes care of her skin. While she did reveal that her skin is not in the best condition due to the stress of quarantining Ratajkowski shared her current routine. Now that most of society is being advised to remained inside their homes many have decided how to maintain themselves through well-needed self-care.

Skincare Routine

A woman applying a skincare product in the mirror
Unsplash | Humphrey Muleba

To much of a surprise Ratajkowski uses a mixture of drugstore products and some a little bit more on the expensive end. Her Retinol moisturizer and face serum are priced around $70 individually, using both together helps with the texture and the moistening of her skin. To help with spots the model uses an affordable treatment priced at $6. Last but not least is the Snail Mucin Power Essence made by Cosrx’s which is available for $23. Some may have known of this beauty secret while others are stunned over the revelation.

How It Works

A snail leaving a trail of its mucus on a leaf
Wikimedia |,_Ontario_01.jpg

The reason why snail mucin is being put in skincare products is due to its ability to boost collagen in the skin as well as moisturize it. this creates an ideal outcomes for those wanting to achieve that youthful skin appearance. The use of snails secretions had been introduced to the United States once Korean beauty routines gained popularity. It was learned that the mucus can be used on most skin types making it a possible solution for those with sensitive skin.

How The Mucus Is Gathered

A snail moving down a thin plant stem
Unsplash | A Perry

Now some may be wondering how the snail secretions are actually gathered. Some companies take a humane approach by the use of nocturnal snails. The snails are placed in a darkened room on top of a net. They are in the room for about 30 minutes until they are released back into nature. The fluids are then collected, pasteurized then placed in bottles. It may sound a bit gross putting snail slime on one's face but the outcome could be quite beneficial, it has also been suggested that the snail secretions may fight against aging skin. If you want proof go hop on Ratajkowski’s Instagram account and check out her skin!

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