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Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena at an event

One-Hit Wonder Khia Shades 'Love & Hip Hop’s' Safaree Samuels And Erica Mena, Calls Them 'Broke'

Gettyimages | Matteo Marchi
By Kay Lewis

It looks like a new beef is brewing between one-hit wonder rapper Khia and reality TV star Erica Mena and hopeful rapper Safaree Samuels. Khia took issue with the fact that Mena and Samuels are not only newlyweds, but they are also new parents, and both have signed up for OnlyFans and PornHub accounts. Both of these sites are catered to adults the videos usually feature something x-rated or explicit in one way or another. News broke in late April that Samuels had signed up for a OnlyFans. The platform is catered towards people who are in the adult entertainment industry.

Khia Asked A Few Hard-Hitting Questions

Samuels and Mena taking a selfie
@safaree Instagram

Khia may have hit the nail on the head by publicly asking these two why in the world they are on an adult entertainment sites. The rappers rant was featured on her talk show Khia Gaga Order on YouTube. the rant started with Khi asking “didn’t these motherf***ers just get married not even a year ago and have a newborn baby girl and theses mother***ers making fans only and Porn Hub account.” She bangs her gavel in process. “we the people want to know why you two motherf***ers got married and out her dry begging?”

Khia's Rant Got A Little Out Of Hand

Khia at an event
Gettyimages | Prince Williams

The Khia has some real facts behind her rant as she called out the newlyweds. “Ya’ll putting on for the gram and acting like you have all this god damn money and can’t pay your bills.” She touched on the subject the lockdown has only been in affect for 45 days, yet Samuels and Mena seem to be out of money or so Khia is inferring. The rant got worse when Khia began to hit below the belt and involved the couples new daughter.

The Rant Hit At Mena's Motherhood

Giphy | VH1

She accused Mena of following in her husband’s footsteps and because her “titties dried up” and she can’t “afford milk for her baby”. This is a refence to the fact that Mena shared with fans a while back that she is no longer breast feeding her daughter “say it ain’t so,” said Khia. She them openly asked Mena, “you would rather be a hoe than to breastfeed your “mother***ing child?” The conversation got even shadier as Khia then accused Mena of only setting up a page because she felt left out.

Khia Regularly Shades Celebrities On Her Talk Show

Mena and Samuels taking a selfie at Love & Hip Hop reunion
@iamerica_mena Instagram

Safaree set up a page and you didn’t want to be out done so you set up a freak page?” asked the rapper. After letting out a much-needed sign she went on to say, “we the people want to know how you just got married and bored with each other already.” Khia is known for making waves on the internet often shading the life out of more famous people and essentially reading them to filth. She called the couple a few very offensive names before signing off and calling it a night.

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