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A blonde haired girl in pink smiles to the camera.

JoJo Siwa's Incredible Net Worth

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By Ivy Pope

JoJo Siwa is an internet sensation. She has her own YouTube channel and has appeared on two seasons of "Dance Moms" with her mother, Jessalynn Siwa.

Her mother is a professional dance instructor, and Siwa's father is a chiropractor. She has an older brother, Jayden Siwa, and he also vlogs (creates video blogs). Siwa first appeared on "Dance Moms" in 2015, after she was accepted for an audition with ALDC, a dance competition show, run by Abby Lee Miller, and she did not stay there long, but it did get her going with her fame.

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The show was called "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition", and Siwa appeared in season 2. It was considered to be a spinoff of "Dance Moms", which is how she appeared on both shows.

Siwa left "Dance Moms", and nobody really knows why, but it's safe to say she had doors open for her after appearing as a regular. She launched a pair of music videos, "Boomerang" and "Kid in a Candy Store", which set her on the path to popstar fame.

Her biggest partnership to date is one with Nickelodeon. She signed with Nickelodean in 2018, and she starred in "Blurt!", a Nickelodean film.

A girl dressed in sequinned outfit grins into the camera, her blonde hair accented by a large red bow.
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She was also in "Lip Sync Battle Shorties", next to Nick Cannon. Nickelodeon also led to Siwa releasing merchandise, specifically known for her bows, and this bolstered her fan base.

Siwa has many YouTube channels, from creating YouTube personalities to sharing details about her personal life. She's even babysat North West for Kim Kardashian West!

She is also touring, though the recent tour was placed on hold by COVID-19, she found a way to still do her "tour", without exposing herself or anyone else to the virus.

A blonde girl covered in multicolored stars, wearing a large bow does finger-guns to the camera.
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Fans, referenced as Siwanatorz, love her unique style and her over-the-top character. She also is known for her anti-bullying ethics.

Because of the pandemic, she performed from a massive stage in her own backyard, via Instagram Live. Her venture was captioned: “WORLD WIDE LIVE!🌏🌟 I decided it’s time to do this right, it’s time to put on a real true performance. Get ready…. My FIRST performance from my stage in my backyard will be LIVE on my Youtube channel MAY 1st at 12:00PST!!"

A girl in a pink outfit covered by glitter smiles at the camera.
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The caption of her live show continued, " Plus, the full “Building a stage in my backyard” video will be up on Wednesday so you can see what it took to pull this off. it was a lot of hard work getting here, but this performance will make it all worth it!!🌏🌟 LET THE COUNTDOWN TILL FRIDAY BEGIN!!”

Her net worth currently stands at $12 million, and will definitely be going up if her brand continues to skyrocket to the top; she may become a household name yet.

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