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Demi Lovato

Is Demi Lovato Pregnant Or Not?

Demi Lovato | Instagra
By Alyssa McCraw

The weekend rumor wheel was spun on Friday, and it appears to have landed on the idea that Demi Lovato is low-key expecting. Even more precarious than the pop star's potentially-being-pregnant is that - despite its shaky sourcing - the early existence of a Lovato lovechild is believed by many to be all-but-confirmed.

The many hours spent inside this cyclical chaos resulted in a drastic loss of composure and rationality. If found, please return (and consider the following as your reward).

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All Aboard The Confusion Flight

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato | Instagram

On the surface, Twitter-searching any combination of the Disney alum's name with variations of the word "pregnant" doesn't appear fruitful - most results are reactions ("IS DEMI LOVATO REALLY PREGNANT") that provide absolutely no context of what it is that's being reacted to in the first place. RTs and redundant replies only added to the non-answer.

As one said so well, "y'all confusing me."

The growing weeds of gossip eventually exposed a two-part root: first, when someone mentioned Lovato's May 8th pop-up in the Justin Bieber + Ariana Grande "Stuck with U" video.

Wait, We're Being Rerouted

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato | Instagram

Lovato, although briefly, makes an appearance alongside her contemporaries as they engage in their respective quarantine activities. The "Tell Me You Love Me" singer's slow-dancing with/kissing of fellow actor Max Ehrich was referred to by many major outlets as 'confirmation' of their rapidly-paced relationship. Those following Lovato to any degree might tell you this old news - but those following fiercely will tell you why...more on this later.

Though a logical choice, the joint effort of Scooter Braun's stable wasn't what fathered the rumor. It turns out the hearsay of her child-bearing had come to life a day prior.

WHO Is Having A WHAT?

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato | Instagram

And it was all the byproduct of a simple, song-based Instagram Story - one that didn't even include her face.

Lovato's soulful sharing of "Johnny & Donna" was getting real good...until it hit the 15-second Story limit. 27-year-old Lovato didn't return to say what happened after the track's title couple told of "having no idea what love really was" - but what had happened was "they would have a child. But it went a step further on Sunday."

At least, four lines later, that's what the song said - and almost four days later, and it's still an issue.

Put very bluntly: the resulting pro-Demi mass-meltdown was (and is still) part of an ever-escalating anti-Max movement that we'll let you look into for yourself.

And THEN He Says THIS?!

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato | Instagram

What has the people so pressed? Sounds like the couple's not-so-quiet quarantine.

Six weeks and one shirt ago, 28-year-old Ehrich realized he "should've packed more" clothes for his away stay. Lovato herself sparked the space-sharing flame with a few flirty comments, then spilled actual fuel on the fire when she crashed his livestream - normally not a big deal, except when you're accidentally only wearing a towel.

What isn't being deemed an accident is Ehrich's Mother's Day-titling of Lovato as "the best mama in the world."

'Shut Up' For The Summer

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato | Instagram

Breathe: It was about the special bond between Demi and her doggos.

Clearly this relationship is polarizing the people who aren't even in it. A middle-ground might be attained by revisiting Lovato's words from less than a month ago when she mused that "it could be so much fun to share children with a woman." Those seeking balance may benefit from the proposition that - in every possible way - what's cool right now quite literally might not be cool for the summer.

This really isn't as much of a canceled baby watch as it is an exposed case of reaching. It's for her sake we hope some overzealous Lovatics will finally learn that Demi cannot be artificially inseminated via conspiracy theory - but given their history, "Confident" is not our theme song.

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