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A photo of Aaron Carter on stage doing what he loves best with his arms spread wide apart.

Aaron Carter Reveals Another Meaning Behind His Facial Ink

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For several weeks now, [Aaron Carter]( has kept a low profile and out of anyone’s business. However, everyone knew that it was only a matter of time before he would become news worth again. Speaking of news, Carter recently had a chat with a podcast network and he revealed some amazing things about himself.

For instance, the face tattoo, that half of his social media followers criticized him for, was the basis of the discussion. Since the interview was released, everyone has been talking about Carter... Uh yea! News worth again.

A photo of Aaron Carter in a white and black check suit, with a black tie to match. Also, his face tattoo is on full display.
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Carter May have had a lot of issues as he progressed in the industry and though a lot of people are not sure about what action he is taking next, they can be sure of the meaning attached to his face tattoo.

Initially, when Carter got the facial tats and was lambasted by thousands of fans, he did not mind. All Carter really cared about was that the tattoo was there to protect him from evil. Carter’s face tattoo is a drawing of the famous Medusa from the Greek history.

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According to legend, Medusa had an intimidating head full of snakes, that any enemy who looked her into her eyes, would turn into stone. As such, Carter thought it best to have a diagram of Medusa on his face to protect him from anyone who would want to harm him in any way.

That is the first meaning that Carter ever attached to the tattoo and some of his fans were glad that he was trying to be himself and do the things that made him happy.

A lovely photo of Aaron Carter and his date at an event, being interviewed by E! News.
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While speaking with “Hollywood Raw,” a podcast show, Carter made another revelation about his facial tattoo and a number of other things. In the beginning, the conversation centered around Carter’s personal life, career and struggles with life in general.

On the topic of his tattoo, Carter mentioned that anytime he got a tattoo, he always knew that they were not permanent. Aside from the Medusa tattoo, Carter also has the name of his now ex-girlfriend, Melanie stylishly drawn on his face.

Carter and Melanie recently came to an abrupt end in their relationship and the drama between the ex-lovers has no doubt gotten worse.

A lovely photo of Aaron Carter with a surprised expression his face.
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Carter went on to say that he always liked the idea of getting tats because they made him feel strong and tough.

Another name for the Medusa tattoo, is ‘defense mechanism.’

“I’m a Sagittarius but I’m also a double Cancer moon, which means that I’m very very extroverted, but I also put up very big defense mechanisms such as the Medusa in my face.” Carter said.

So, there you have it guys,, Mudusa is only way Carter can feel safe to do what he wants and when he wants it.

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