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Why Is Father's Day Trending On Mother's Day?

Gettyimages | Capuski
By Gary Trock

Mother's Day is that special day of the year to give thanks to all the amazing moms out there ... so why in the heck are the fathers of the world weaseling their way in on the special holiday?! On Sunday morning, as many wonderful mothers were waking up and looking forward to spending a relaxing day on social media, they were slapped in the face with "Father's Day" becoming a major trending topic.

With over 25,000 mentions of Father's Day on the Twitter timeline, many were left wondering how the day got hijacked.

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Father's Day?!

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Surprised moms around the world didn't hold back their frustration when seeing their counterparts trend on Twitter.

"When it's Mother's Day, but Men gotta make it all about themselves," one Twitter user commented.

"Father’s Day is trending... i mean like yeah my mom basically left my dad to take care of me at 20, so..." another user wrote.

"I get praising fathers who did the mom role and father role today but this ain’t Father’s Day wait until june for y’all flowers," a third mom proclaimed.

What Did We Do?


It didn't take long for people to realize that they were in a vortex, because everyone questioning why "Father's Day" was trending was actually THE reason it was trending.

"i'm laughing because peeps be complaining that father's day is trending when the real reason why is because they're complaining about it too much," one savvy commenter wrote.

Others tried their darndest to keep dads trending throughout the special mom holiday, with one person not even trying to hide it:

"Father’s Day. Just adding fuel to the trend," the saboteur wrote.

What About Single Dads?

Unsplash | Gift Habeshaw

Some people on social media were making a point that Father's Day being celebrated could refer to the single dads in the world who do the jobs of both parents. Just as single moms are usually given a shoutout on the actual Father's Day, many felt giving the dads some love wasn't the worst thing in the world.

"Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there but more importantly, to all of the single dads who have to fulfill both roles. Real kings," one comment read.

Happy Mother's Day, daddy!

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