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Makeda's Cookies Reopens Memphis Store After Fatal Young Dolph Shooting

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By TheBlast Staff on November 23, 2021 at 10:05 PM EST

It's been almost a week now, since the Memphis shooting that took the life of hometown legend and rapper, Young Dolph. At the time, the "Preach" rapper was inside Makeda's Homemade Butter Cookies, to supposedly purchase some cookies, for his mother.

The popular south Memphis establishment closed shortly after the shooting, and boarded their business up. During that time, fans were able to donate to Makeda's to make sure revenue continued to come in, and to be able to pay employees. Fortunately, over 75,000 was raised, on GoFundMe.

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Makeda's Cookies Reopens And Honors Dolph

After Dolph's death, the downtown Memphis Makeda's location closed, as well as the one where Dolph lost his life, at on Airways Blvd. Luckily for supporters though, the downtown location is back up and running, and this business plans to keep Dolph's name alive, in his hometown.

Dolph's favorite cookie was chocolate chip. Due to this, this Makeda's location will be renaming their chocolate chip cookie, after him.

"That was one thing that Dolph did, he used to get off that expressway and be like, 'I could smell y'all getting off the expressway, I had to come in!" said an. "Man, to know that we're not gonna see that face anymore is-- I'm sorry, I'm trying to hold back tears right now."

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Makeda's Cookies Location Where Dolph Was Killed To Close Through End Of Year

As for the Makeda's Cookies location on Airways Blvd, it appears that customers may have to wait for a while until that reopens again. According to Fox 13 in Memphis, and Makeda's Cookies Operations Manager, Raven Winton, that store is planning to be closed through the end of this year.

“It’s overwhelming, but it really does help my family to know that there are so many people that want to support us,” Winton said to Fox 13. “That’s what’s important. They are still devastated. It’s real hurtful because Dolph was really considered family to us.”

Currently, this location is still boarded up, and is being used as a memorial, to honor Dolph. Fans have since brought balloons, stuffed animals, and more.

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The Search Is Still On For Dolph's Killers

On the day that Dolph was murdered, two suspects got out of a white Mercedes-Benz, and shot a piston, and AK-47 Draco, at the Memphis rapper. The two men were spotted swearing navy and black sweatshirts, and grey sweatpants. They also sported COVID-19-style face masks, with one of the men also having a Bass Pro Shops hat on.

Last weekend, the alleged Mercedes-Benz getaway car was found, three miles from Makeda's Cookies. The car's location was in the Orange Mound neighborhood of South Memphis, on the 1100 block of Bradley Street.

It's unclear if the owners of the home, where the car was abandoned, was questioned. The car appeared to be fine, with no damage done to it. Memphis police haven't fully confirmed if this car is exactly the one used by Dolph's killers, but they do look exactly the same, as the license plate number is still publicly known.

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