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Rihanna poses in front of Fenty show collection.

In Latest Fenty Beauty Video, Rihanna Laughs With Friends & Takes Shots

Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris
By Marisa Roman

Singer, entertainer, and fashion and beauty mogul Rihanna just released a new video for her Fenty Beauty line, and it sure is entertaining. The 32-year-old songstress and a few pals were promoting the latest release from Fenty, a beautiful collection of 10 blushes, on YouTube recently. The makeup guru began the video by shouting, “Let’s talk about cream blushes!” Let’s just say, things became more hilarious as the video went on. The video, titled “Shots & Swatches” was a good time for everyone involved, even those watching at home.

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Rihanna and pal set up the YouTube video as "Shots & Swatches."
Rihanna / Instagram

Rihanna then went on to say in the video, “We’re going to show you our cream blush which is Fenty Beauty’s very first blush ever. It’s all about cheeks out in the summer.” Rihanna then turned to one of her friends and asked: “What’s your definition of cheeks out?” To which he replied hilariously, “I plead the fifth.” Rihanna clears up the confusion by saying “I’m talking about the actual cheeks on my face while her other friend cracks up in the background.

Rihanna stares playfully at the camera.
Rihanna / Instagram

First and foremost, can we just say that Rihanna is simply GLOWING in this video? Perhaps she already dipped into the Fenty Beauty line before filming the video, but her skin is absolutely perfect throughout the entire video. Rihanna and her two pals tested out each of the colors on one another, in between taking shots of an unidentified brown liquid. For every swatch, the crew took a shot, which could be dark rum, which is a staple in Barbados where Rihanna is from. It also could be Jameson whiskey, which Rihanna has touted as being her favorite in the past.

Rihanna and two pals test blush products on their arms.
Rihanna / Instagram

The video went through each of the colors within the “Freestyle Cream Blush," including the “Bikini Martini” and the “Drama Class.” However, since taking a shot after every reveal, by the sixth color—“Fuego Blush” the friends were near tears laughing. But the funniest part about the shots was that Rihanna kept slyly only taking a sip, while her other two friends were seen downing the whole thing. No wonder she seemingly kept it together throughout the remainder of the video.

Rihanna and two pals take shots.
Rihanna / Instagram

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line launched back in September 2017 and quickly became popular as it focuses on inclusivity in terms of skin tone and gender. Rihanna has been releasing videos lately of her Fenty line on YouTube during quarantine, showing off new products as well as make-up tutorials. The cream blush line “Cheeks Out” is officially out and available for sale now. Fenty Beauty is cruelty-free and fans of the brand can buy the products online. Alcohol shots sold separately.

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