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Alex Morgan & Servanda "Serva" Carrasco

Soccer Star Alex Morgan Welcomes First Child With Husband Servando Carrasco

Alex Morgan | Instagram
By Alyssa McCraw

It's a girl for Alex Morgan!

The Olympian, 30, has been married to fellow footballer Servando "Serva" Carrasco since New Year's Eve 2014. She shared news of their first child's birth on Saturday morning.

"At 1130am on May 7 weighing 8lbs5oz, Charlie Elena Carrasco made her grand entrance into the world," Morgan tweeted. "She made us wait longer than expected, but I should have known she would do it her way and her way only. My super moon baby."

Something crazy? Before its corona-concerned scrapping, Morgan was full-swing in Olympic training mode - at eight months pregnant.

The Olympic Detour

Alex Morgan
Alex Morgan | Instagram

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games were one of the last (if not the last) remaining events on this year's calendar. The NBA, MLB, NHL, and more had already called it quits as the pandemic saw its initial upswing. Given the Games' international magnitude, many were puzzled as to what took them so long to give in. As it turned out, its magnitude was the very reason for holding off - a contraption of that size has a lot of moving parts. It was

"Overall," Morgan said of the Olympic call-off, "it's just the right decision."

A Morgan-Like Move

Alex Morgan playing at the Olympics
Gettyimages | Icon Sports Wire

In their "Goals" issue, Glamour wrote that - in 2020 - cover girl Alex Morgan "was certain about three things: She’d be giving birth to a baby girl in April, she would be competing at the Olympics less than three months after that, and she would figure out all the details eventually."

Although naturally disappointed at March 24th's global-change-of-plans, Morgan said told the mag she "tried to look at it more from a team perspective."

"But I couldn’t help but think of myself with all of the stress that’s going on from the coronavirus on top of trying to get back in shape in such a short amount of time."

She's Got A Great Teammate

Servando "Serva" Carrasco and Alex Morgan
Alex Morgan | Instagram

Husband Carrasco gushed about his superstar wife being "all or nothing in every aspect of her life."

"She approaches everything with an insane amount of work ethic. I've never seen someone work as hard as her," Carrasco said. The 31-year-old met his would-be wife while attending college at the University of California, Berkeley. It was there where he first saw her seemingly-superhuman abilities manifest.

"She was coming off an ACL injury, and she recovered in six months, which, if you know anything about sports, that's pretty crazy." The now-proud father said Morgan "was playing the first game of the season with a brace like RoboCop—she just had that drive and that hunger to be the best.”

Alex Can't Be Bothered

Alex Morgan kisses husband Servando "Serva" Carrasco
Alex Morgan | Instagram

Yesterday, Carrasco continued to beam over his wife while showing off the new lady in his life.

"Charlie Elena Carrasco, we love you so much baby girl. Alex you’re such a warrior. 5/7/20 - best day of my life," he wrote on Instagram.

As far as the future goes - aka what's now become next summer's Olympic Games - the very-decorated Morgan isn't too worried.

“We can only hypothesize over so much uncertainty in the future,” she told Glamour in March. Then again, she added, "if I have no goal to try to achieve, then that's not true to who I am."

It appears the "Morgan mindset" is shared amongst the power players - gravity-defying gymnast Simone Biles has now said any forthcoming Olympic appearance is "not set in stone yet."

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