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Lindsey Pelas poses for a selfie

Lindsey Pelas Roller Skates In String Bikini To Show Instagram How She Can 'Serve' A Diner

Lindsey Pelas/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Lindsey Pelas went full skater girl – and in a bikini – for her latest video. The 28-year-old Playboy model whose 2014 Cyber Girl of the Month appeal has yet to fade updated her Instagram last week with a blazing-hot video promoting the Stoked Beverage brand she has a partnership with – Pelas may front plant-based Mexican food brand Sugar Taco, but this one was all about the drinks.

Lindsey – who recently made headlines for exposing a lot of herself – has now clocked herself over 200,000 views to the video. Keep scrolling for it, plus the model's hottest photos.

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Bikini Bombshell Shuts Down Instagram

Lindsey Pelas poses in a bikini on the beach
Lindsey Pelas/Instagram

Lindsey kicked it off to a red hot and very retro start. The model had stripped down to a green and yellow snakeskin bikini just about containing her ample assets – the swimwear was cheerfully paired with roller skates as Lindsey rolled around in a red-and-white-decorated diner with a 50's vibe. A guitar on the wall added atmosphere, although eyes may well have been on Pelas herself.

Bombshell blonde curles and Lindsey leaning on a table near potato chips and the Stoked beverage she was promoting added pizzazz – Lindsey was then seen taking a sip in what likely boosted profits for the Bang Energy drink.

Instagram Suddenly Wants To Go Roller Skating In Bikinis 'When This Is Over'

Lindsey Pelas poses in a black swimsuit
Lindsey Pelas/Instagram

Lindsey had offered a caption – clearly, she didn't think she's got the roller skating skills.

"I can’t skate but I know how to serve ⁣💁🏼‍♀️ ⁣⁣⁣ @Stoked.Beverage ⁣ ⁣ Follow the inventor @BangEnergy.CEO⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣ ⁣Swimwear @Megliz.Swim⁣ #BangEnergy #EnergyDrink #Stoked #StokedEnergy"

Instagram, meanwhile, seemed to be absolutely loving it.

"That lip bite, tho," one fan wrote.

"Let's go roller skating in bikinis when this is over. I have a Groupon 😂😉" was a comment clearly shouting out COVID-19.

"Servin’ up the hotness! 🔥🔥," a third wrote.

While one fan claimed to have a problem with Lindsey's "fake" nose, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, overall.

Quarantine Thirst Traps Keep Instagram Entertained

Lindsey Pelas poses in a pink outfit
Lindsey Pelas/Instagram

Lindsey's Instagram has been packing a punch amid the global pandemic – the account now boasts 9 million followers, with Pelas earning her cash via her Bang Energy and Sugar Taco promos, also announcing her "Eyes Up Here" podcast in her bio. April 29 brought the stunner bursting out of an unbuttoned top from her backyard, with "Good morning" as the caption proving popular.

With a heavyweight status as one of Instagram's most-established swimwear faces, Pelas has come a long way from her "cheesy modeling" start.

Early Days: 'Cheesy' Modeling In Louisiana

Lindsey Pelas poses in a dress at an event
Gettyimages | Randy Shropshire

Lindsey spoke of her Southern upbringing when profiled by Nadula Magazine.

"I began modeling in my college years. I lived in Louisiana and I would take any cheesy modeling job I could," she said, adding:

"I’ve always been athletic but I think my junior year in college I took it to the next level. I started lifting weights, I took a class for 2 years at LSU on aerial silks, I even taught aerial yoga for a while."

For more from Lindsey, give her Instagram a follow.

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