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Stephanie Shepherd in black dress on the street

Ex-Kardashian Assistant Stephanie Shepherd Goes Topless In Spicy Post

Instagram @steph_shep
By Jacob Highley

Stephanie Shepherd just told the world to simmer down and as she posted one of the hottest pictures she's ever taken. With gloriously long hair, iconic blue jeans, and amazing skin clarity, it might as well be a crime that she captioned this breathtaking photo by simply saying, "blue jean baby".

Words may not be enough though. Her fans are truly amazed by her radiance! One fan commented, "you are an amazing woman! strong and brave. I will always support you, many positive vibes for you and your whole family! Strength and keep going !!@steph_shep 🍀"

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Former Assistant Turned Model!

Stephanie Shepherd Lounging On bed
Instagram @steph_shep

The former assistant to Kim Kardashian has started to make quite a name for herself in the modeling world. Being an Instagram star has some nice perks. Along with being able to reach millions on the web quickly, you also have the opportunity to work with other companies and get sponsorships.

This is exactly what Stephanie has continued to do over the past few years. With her 1.5 million followers on Instagram, she continues to impress, especially after making numerous red carpet appearances which have propelled her to further stardom.

Stephanie Featured On "8 Other Reasons"

Stephanie Shepherd Riding Unicorn
Instagram @steph_shep

Some of Stephanie's old photos have started to come back up in recent headlines. One such photo was her featured shoot with "8 Other Reasons" in a post discussing her latest exploits.

Although this was certainly a perk to being an Instagramer and model, Stephanie has risen to recent popularity due to her becoming a columnist for the Instagram brands, "@elleusa" and "@poosh".

Stephanie herself was recently featured in one of the "@poosh" articles which showed her doing yoga in the sun.

Stephanie Wasn't 'Fulfilled' Working For Kim Kardashian

Stephanie Shehpherd In White top
Instagram @steph_shep

Kourtney Kardashian revealed on the set of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," that Stephanie wasn't feeling fulfilled working for Kim.

Kourtney was quoted saying, "Just a heads up, we were talking and she was saying that she didn’t know what she wanted to do in life. She feels, like, maybe she’s in a place in life where she’s unfulfilled, job-wise."

Although Stephanie worked with Kim Kardashian for a total of four years as her assistant, it has been reported that they don't really talk to each other currently.

Jenner Reportedly Dating 'Apple Music’s' Larry Jackson

Stephanie Shepherd In White Sweater Top
Instagram @steph_shep

Stephanie told "Refinery29" in an interview that shed some light on both her dating history and on who's she's currently with.

Despite the lack of pictures on her Instagram featuring her reported boyfriend, she and "Apple Music's" head of content Larry Jackson are supposedly still together since their last Holloween costume update.

Stephanie also commented about dating men who knew Kanye West, "I didn’t date anyone at all for, like, the first two years working with Kim, because there just wasn’t time. And then I did meet a DJ who worked with Kanye, but it just didn’t work out — we were too busy. But man, that probably sounds so bad. I really should stop dating Kanye’s friends!"

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