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Tyler Cameron smiles for photographers

Tyler Cameron Reveals His Feelings About Dating In New Interview

Gettyimages | Presley Ann
By Chris Barilla

While fans of 'The Bachelorette' have been speculating for quite some time that show stars Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown are romantically entangled, the pair have made it clear more than once that they are no more than friends.

However, with Brown recently admitting that she is opening up to the idea of being in a relationship, Cameron is doubling down on the exact opposite feeling. The star shared a deeply personal reason behind his reluctance to join the dating pool in a new interview with 'E! News.'

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Tyler Cameron poses for photographers
Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy

During the interview, Cameron was asked if he's currently dating anybody, to which he responded, "I am dating nobody right now."

When asked if he would consider the prospect of being in a relationship any time soon, the reality star got personal about his feelings, saying, "Yeah, I think right now I had a lot going on in my life. I’ve had a lot going on in my life lately. You know, my mom passed you know, and we have this whole quarantine going on, so who the heck can date right now?"

Tyler Cameron poses for photographers
Gettyimages | Dominik Bindl

The 'Bachelor' figurehead continued to justify his claims and explain that his main focus is on family and not romantic endeavors, putting his young siblings and their successful development first and foremost, "My main goal right now is focusing on my little brothers, taking care of them, kinda getting them where they need to be. I know I’ll be able to get through all this, but my youngest brother… He’s 20-years-old. He’s a baby," the television star shared with the publication.

Tyler Cameron poses for photographers
Gettyimages | Aurelien Meunier

"So to be there for him, and to kinda get him where he needs to be is kind of what’s… you know the silver lining of all this quarantining and the coronavirus is like I’ve gotten to be able to just be here for two months post mom’s passing. So that’s, you know, it’s been a blessing," Cameron continued to explain.

Fans began speculating that him and Brown were dating after reports came out that the pair was quarantining in Florida together, something that Cameron shot down.

Giphy | The Bachelorette

In a video posted to a 'Bachelor' fan account, Cameron explains the rumors surrounding him and Brown, saying, "We’re’s been nice to be able to communicate and be friends again. We are able to talk, and you know, we’re just starting off as friends and that’s what it is right now."

"We’re not in a place where we should be worried about dating or anything like that right now…but yeah, that’s my homie she’s my friend… But it’s good to be back on good terms. She’s a great person and I’m grateful to be able to call her a friend," he concluded the statement.

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