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Britney Spears

Britney Spears: Chained-Up Album Art Linked To Conservatorship Cries

Britney Spears | Instagram
By Alyssa McCraw

Britney Spears said she was "having the best day ever" on Sunday. The pop star's elation came when her 2016 album "Glory" surged into the #1 spot on the iTunes charts.

"I have no idea what happened," Spears said in a video, but what had happened was a fan-driven movement seeking #JusticeForGlory - so it's actually hard not to believe the changing out of its four-year-old artwork on Friday wasn't done in direction connection.

The artwork itself, though, is thought to be even less of a coincidence.

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Tryna Break The Chains & The Chains Only Break Me Down

Britney Spears' new cover art for her "Glory" album
Britney Spears | Instagram

2016's "Glory" might be best known for its hit "Make Me" (featuring hip hop star G-Eazy). Its now-previous artwork - a non-descript close-up - is in rather stark contrast with the revamp. But now, the revamp is all-but-confirmed to be the original.

This "new" depiction shows a glistening Spears arching her near-naked body on the floor of a near-empty desert - except for the absolutely giant chain surrounding her.

Isolation? Entrapment? Captivity? Supporters of the #FreeBritney movement held a majority view that these are the themes of Spears' not-so-subtle-symbolism.

Let's Look At The Leak

Britney Spears & G-Eazy
Britney Spears | Twitter

#FreeBritney, through an ongoing examination of the conservatorship, believes Spears is being held and/or controlled against her will.

A powerful parallel was drawn between this "fresh" album cover and the (actual) original video for "Make Me." Ultimately replaced with a more standardized Spears clip, the fully-produced, already-promoted video showed the 38-year-old conservatee dancing in the confines of a poolside cage.

It was shot by famed photographer David LaChapelle - the same man behind the lens of Friday's desert shots. Check out the leaked clip here:

Britney 'Wanted To Die' At One Point

Screengrab of Britney Spears in a cage

Billboard reported the video was abandoned "for being overly sexual." Considering the topic at hand was a Britney Spears video, the PC reasoning didn't really fly - especially over at Buzzfeed.

But exactly one year ago - on April, 29 2019 - "Glory" photog and "Make Me" director LaChapelle shared the simple, shocking instruction Spears gave him on the video's set: that he "film her in the cage."

Given that - in a previous shoot, all she asked was to "die in the video" - he wishes he would've seen the signs.

'These Were Cries For Help'

Britney Spears
Britney Spears | Instagram

"At the time I didn’t understand why would you want to be filmed in a cage? ...I could tell something was off."

Briefly chronicling their lengthy relationship, LaChapelle revealed that "Britney never showed up" for a mid-2000s shoot because "she was getting married in Vegas."

"I have known Britney since she was 17. I shot her first cover, Rolling Stone, it was shot in Louisana at her family home, filled with pageant trophies. I could tell even back then something wasn't right."

"Looking back now it seems to me these were cries for help, that she wanted to communicate through her videos."

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