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Fans Think Kim Kardashian's Success Is Behind Sibling Rivalry

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By Ivy Pope

Fans of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" have seen Kourtney Kardashian pull back from the show more and more since 2018. One fan posted a discussion to Reddit, where they gave their thoughts on what might have been causing this...

"Imagine doing everything the right way. You finish high school, you go to college, you graduate from college, you come back home, you get your own place, you open a clothing store, you have celebrities shop at your clothing store, you’re borrowing money to your mother," the poster began, it does sound like Kourtney was the most successful, and they continued:

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"You’re the most successful out of your siblings, you take part in a few reality tv shows but nothing much comes from it. Then suddenly here comes your trainwreck of a little sister, who went to community college (nothing wrong with that, but their social class probably frowns upon it), eloped at 19, disowned by your father, dropped out of college, got divorced at 23, messing around with rappers/singers/actors, stealing from clients, partying around the world with Paris and doing drugs..." And here the poster is addressing Kim Kardashian, the partier that she used to be.

"And one day her sex tape hits the internet and she becomes famous overnight. She puts the whole family on reality tv, she becomes the first millionaire, she gets all the big opportunities, she gets all the admiration and praise from your mother, now you’re riding her coattails, she is seen as the most successful sibling."

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The most important thing that the fans pointed out is that, Kim has her own view of success and so does Kourtney. That does not lessen their views, or their success in any way. Kourtney wants to be a stay-at-home mother, Kim wants fame. Each woman deserves the right to have what they want.

The poster has really broken down their thoughts on Kourtney and Kim Kardashian's feud, and it seems that maybe the feud has been boiling under the surface for a while now. They finish with: "Now 10 years down the line she is lecturing you about work ethic, telling you to get a business, calling you lazy etc. etc. From a sibling competition/rivalry standpoint, Kourtney must be so annoyed."

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Fans started talking, and many fans believed that Kourtney "lost all motivation once they closed DASH", a series of clothing stores. Fans think that she was extremely engaged in the store, and while somebody mentioned that rent and lack of attention was part of why the stores closed, another fan pointed out that Kourtney was disinterested in the store once she had Mason, her eldest child.

"I politely disagree with this. When they had that big fight about closing, they said Kourtney was never doing any of the buying on time and when they went to visit the stores - it was clear they hadn’t been there in a year or more. I think she liked the idea of it but had no motivation once she had mason."

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Other fans talked about how Kim has changed over the years, "Kim has changed a lot over the last 15 or so years. She’s always been ambitious and sought out money and fame, but she went from acting out in so many ways to living this focused, disciplined lifestyle that prioritizes multiple difficult projects at once. It’s interesting, especially since there are so many counter-examples of celebrities who keep leading chaotic lives until they hit a breaking point."

The most important thing is to remember that both sisters have their own view of success. Kim wanted fame and she got fame, but Kourtney wants to be a stay-at-home mother and care for her family and children, and that's made all that much harder by being famous.

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