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Jake Gyllenhaal  posing while wearing a blue suit, black shirt and gold necklace.

Jake Gyllenhaal Just Got Candid About His Personal Life & Whether He Wants Children

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Jordan White

For the past two years, Jake Gyllenhaal has been in a relationship with model Jeanne Cadieu..and it looks like things might be getting serious.

The long-term bachelor has maintained a successful career over the years, but his relationships haven’t been picture perfect.

The actor, 39, has never been married. But he recently admitted, he’s ready to focus on his personal life.

During an interview with British Vogue, the actor revealed, “I'm interested in my life, even more so than my work. I've reached a point in my career where I feel hungry in a different way. I've seen how much of my life I've neglected as a result of being committed to that work and that idea.”

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Jeanne Cadieu smiling while taking a selfie with minimal makeup on.
Jeanne Cadieu/Instagram

He continued, "Seeing life as something that is, you know, fleeting, and the world being as it is now. I've turned to my family, I've turned to my friends and I've turned to love. I'm a little less interested in the work, I would say, and more interested in that.”

When asked whether he wanted children, Gyllenhaal revealed, “'Yes, of course I do. 'I definitely do.”

The actor didn’t mention his long-term girlfriend, but the two are reportedly still going strong even with their 16-year age gap.

Jeanne Cadieu grinning in a white tank top.
Jeanne Cadieu/Instagram

Gyllenhaal was first linked to the 24-year-old in 2018 and they’ve been spotted several times together since then.

"Jeanne is very mature for her age. She’s quirky, smart and loves history, reading; she’s a really great and well-rounded person. She and Jake really took things slow, but are now pretty serious," a source told Us Weekly.

But, don’t expect Gyllenhaal to discuss his relationship with Cadieu anytime soon.

The actor has rarely ever opened up about his girlfriends (past or present), and he’s dated several A-listers.

Jake Gyllenhaal standing with scenery behind him.
Jake Gyllenhaal/Instagram

In 2002, the “Zodiac” star began a relationship with Kirsten Dunst. The pair lived together in Los Angeles and even adopted a puppy. Sadly, their relationship ended in 2004.

Two years later, Gyllenhaal briefly dated Natalie Portman. In 2007, he moved on with Reese Witherspoon, and the two dated for about two years before splitting up.

In 2010, the internet basically exploded when the then 29-year-old was photographed with Taylor Swift.

And while their romance dominated the media, they split up later that year. Swift went on to write the song, “All Too Well” about her relationship with Gyllenhaal.

Black and white photo of Jake Gyllenhaal smiling around other people.
Jake Gyllenhaal/Instagram

And while the actor hasn’t married or had children (yet), he hasn't given up.

“I’m not someone who has ever existed in a space where I’ve really known what’s coming next. But you do have to be open to it. And there has been no other time in my life that I can safely say…” he said before trailing off.

Gyllenhaal made his acting debut in 1991 when he played Billy Crystal's son in the movie "City Slickers."

Since then, he’s starred in several box office hits and critically acclaimed films. The actor has an estimated net worth of $65 million.

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