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Phaedra Parks May Return to 'RHOA' Despite Kandi Burruss' Objections

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By Imani Ford

The Real Housewives of Atlanta has always been a show filled with drama and messiness. Even though it hasn’t been officially announced, rumors are starting to swirl that a fan favorite Phaedra Parks, might be making a return. Not only is this news surprising because of the way she left the show, but there could be a chance that the series loses one of its longest-running castmate Kandi. What also makes this news surprising is that the show really doesn’t need a cast switch because to-date, the Atlanta show is the highest rated cast of the series.

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Phaedra Left the Show Because of a Rumor

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Known for her quick clap backs and witty one-liners, fans have been missing the lawyer turned reality star. Being on the show from season 3 to season 9, fans became quickly accustomed to Parks. Her last appearance on the show, ended abruptly because she spread a rumor that producers thought, went too far. The rumor was about her old best friend Kandi Burruss. After denying the rumor, during the season 9 reunion, she had to face the truth and admit that she was in the wrong.

It was Either Parks or Burruss


Of course, Burruss wanted her off the show. The producers understood and obliged. After 7 seasons, Parks was off the show for what seemed like forever. 3 seasons later, it looks like fans might be getting what they want. First, it started with the rumor that cast member Cynthia Bailey might be leaving the show. She quickly shut that down and said that she was looking forward to next season. This is when the discussion of bringing Parks back started to surface.

Burruss Refuses

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Recently, Burruss sat down with The Breakfast Club and dished on how she felt about the rumors. When asked if she stood by her original stance of it either being her or Parks on the show, she confirmed that she still felt the same way. “At the end of the day, they said I called bravo and said that. No, I did not call Bravo and tell them that. Did I say that to anybody? Yes, I did,” Burruss explains.

Season 13 Changes

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It does seem like fans have a little pull when it comes to who is on the show and who is not. In the past, Burruss was a fan favorite but as of recent, a lot of people are finding her boring. The same can be said for Bailey who was rumored to be getting replaced by Parks. Fans have been asking the showrunners and producers to bring Parks back and their requests might be getting answered for season 13. Regardless of the cast, season 13 will be full of drama.

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