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Whoopi Goldberg poses for photographers

Whoopi Goldberg Discusses Where Her Career Is Going Next on 'The View'

Gettyimages | Dia Dipasupil
By Chris Barilla

Actress and media personality Whoopi Goldberg has been a household name for quite some time now. Throughout her illustrious and time-transcending career, she has dabbled in virtually all facets of the industry. Now, Goldberg is looking to the future, apppearing on Howard Stern's Sirius XM talk show to candidly discuss where she sees herself as a 'View' cast member and as an individual entity in the industry moving forward in her life, including a potential foray back into making movies.

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While appearing on the highly-rated radio show Tuesday, Goldberg opened up about her life, "You have to have people ask you to master things. Listen, I have [Stephen King miniseries] The Stand coming up. I did The Stand last year ... it’s kind of fabulous. Things come up and I think my time has been spread. It's not that my time will come back — it's not gone anywhere — and I guess I’m supposed to be doing this right now."

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"I guess I’m supposed to be in this chair every day saying, 'Listen, we do not have to buy into fear or panic. We can master this if we do it together.' I feel like I am better off saying, 'Listen. Somebody needs to stand up when the person in the White House says, hey, maybe we should ingest some bleach,'" the veteran media personality candidly told Stern in the interview, explaining her acceptance of her role in the world currently.


On a March 18 episode of 'The View,' Goldberg explained how she would be altering her life and the program she is a significant part of to match the times.

"So you know, I went to the doctor yesterday to check myself out just to make sure, and he gives me the all-clear to go to work, and I'm getting ready to do it, and then I start hearing these inconsistent messages from everyone. From the mayor, who's saying we're gonna be in place for now. New York's gonna lock down," she told fans.

Whoopi Goldberg poses for photographers
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"I just felt like if I was going to really try to figure out whether it was okay to come in – and my brain said, 'you know what, 'til they can get themselves together, the governor and the mayor, until they can figure out what they’re doing, I should not go in.' So that's why I'm still here," Goldberg continued at the time.

She concluded with a reassurance of her mental and physcial well-being though, saying "I am healthy, though my doctor was very annoyed with me. He's like, 'I just gave you the okay, why are you back?' I said, 'Because I need an okay, okay,'" she explained. "And so he gave me the okay, okay, but I just felt like with all this inconsistency between the governor and the mayor, it wasn’t good for me."

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