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A lovely photo showing Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston laughing with each other at an event.

Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt Fueled Rumors Of Their Epic Reconciliation Unconsciously

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre
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For several years now, fans have believed that Brad Pitt and his former lover, Jennifer Aniston, are a step closer to getting back. The duo have been separated for many years, but have remained good friends.

Recently, the duo fueled rumors of getting back when they were spotted at events speaking to each other and having a great time. These events may have prompted fans to believe that the former ‘it’ couple are trying to get back together.

Pitt’s marriage with Angelina Jolie recently ended and though the duo have been at odds with each other, they seem to be finding a common ground.

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A lovely photo showing Jennifer Aniston in a grey silk dress.
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Although fans loved Pitt and Jolie’s relationship, it seems like they would not mind if the actor got back with Aniston. The rumors, speculations and hopes about Pitt and Aniston has made it difficult to remember what really happened between the duo.

After their shocking divorce in 2005, Aniston and Pitt have had nothing but amazing things to say about each other on and offline. Although they went on to be with other partners, fans were not convinced that their love story would end like that.

An amazing photo showing Brad Pitt on stage, holding his award as he gives a profound speech.
Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

In an industry where most celebrities who get divorced become bitter towards each other and fight to the death over custody of their children, Pitt and Aniston have set such a good example.

Although their divorce was painful to millions of fans, the duo did not publicly hurl words at each other. Rather, they complimented each other the best way they could, even while married to other people.

Now, they are meeting each other again after a very long time. Could this be fate?

A lovely photo showing Jennifer Aniston in a white floor-sweeping satin dress at an event.
Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff

Unfortunately, there will likely be nothing relating to romance or love between Pitt and Aniston for the foreseeable future. Of course, they happened to have met again, but that does not mean they are getting back together. Essentially, the duo may have unknowingly increased the hopes of their fans who want them back together.

All they are doing at the moment, is speaking with and about each other civilly without any strings attached. So there you have it guys, your favorites are not rekindling any flame.


Pitt and Aniston’s divorce came as a shock to many and it almost looked like they would tear each other apart online. One of the reasons, was because fans believed that Angelina Jolie had come between the couple of five years. Several years after the divorce, there were still some unconfirmed reports about ugliness between the couple, but none of them accepted or denied the allegations.

Also, Pitt never denied the cheating allegations laid against him and till date, fans believe that Pitt’s marriage with Aniston hit the rocks because he cheated with Jolie.

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