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Ariel Winter Chopped The Tip Off Her Thumb

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By Ivy Pope

Ariel Winter( has lost a good chunk of her thumb twice in one day. She was chopping veggies while talking to her boyfriend, "I was trying to make Greek food, because I'm Greek," she began to explain in an interview with Access. She was using a brand new knife, one she wasn't too familiar with, and she had successfully chopped up four onions prior to chopping her thumb off.

"And so, I went to chop a peeled tomato, and slice the top part of my thumb off on a peeled tomato," her face really said it all. It was such a surreal moment, that Ariel and her boyfriend, Luke Benward(, who was present when the accident occurred, just stood there and looked at it.

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"I feel like my boyfriend and I were looking at my thumb," they were talking right before the moment, "I was so shocked, that it was more like, hyperventilating. I was like, 'I should be crying but I... I can't believe it." She admitted in her interview.

The damage was definitely not just superficial. “I apparently sliced an artery, or something like that. And I bled so much and so we had to go to the hospital,” Luke even brought the tip of her thumb with them to the hospital, according to Ariel.

But the story gets better, just wait!

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Luke handed the severed thumb to a nurse, who returned it in a plastic bag, and she did not tell them what was inside the bag! So they threw it away. If you're squirming in your seats with anxiety, don't worry! The thumb was returned.

"It's definitely funny now," Ariel said, with a smile. She also confirmed that she's okay, even though she's now missing a portion of her thumb. All she had to do was get a tetanus shot to avoid infection.

ariel winter
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But this wasn't the only change in her life recently. She wrapped up Modern Family, as the last episode aired on ABC on April 8. She had starred on this show from the age of 11! When the series ended, she wrapped it up with a heartfelt message:

"It’s been an amazing journey with my #ModernFamily ❤️ It’s hard to type this because it still doesn’t feel real...our 2 hour series finale event is tomorrow night at 8/7c on @abcnetwork @abcmodernfam 🥺 We are all so grateful for the love we’ve received over the course of this 11 year journey..."

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The post continued, "...To know our fans love our family just as much as we do is the most amazing gift. Also...WE HAVE/HAD🥺THE BEST CREW IN THE WORLD. They are a HUGE, insanely important part of our Modern Family ❤️ Even though you only see us on your screens, we have just as wonderful people working behind the camera that I will miss seeing all the time. We have been so lucky. ❤️ #ModernFamily #SeriesFinale"

While the show ending is surely sad, it's also a newly opened door.

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