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Miley Cyrus Proves That Celebrities Have Privileges At Their Disposal

Miley Cyrus has been trying her best during the lockdown to connect with her fans the best way she can. The singer has invited many celebrities, including Selena Gomez to speak about their experiences during the pandemic and everything they are going through generally. It is so wonderful and thoughtful of Cyrus to want to speak with her fans on a daily basis.

Recently, Cyrus was interviewed by WSJ. Magazine and she openly mentioned that she could not relate with what a lot of people are going through because of her position as a celebrity.

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Speaking candidly, Cyrus said that she is privileged during this difficult time because she has everything she wants at her disposal. However, she cannot day the same for a lot of people in the world who are experiencing the same pandemic.

“I have no idea what the current health crisis is really like. I am comfortable in my space and able to put food on my table. I am financially stable and that’s just not the story for a lot of people.” The “Wrecking Ball” singer said.

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Knowing fully well how privileged she is during this difficult time, Cyrus still takes out time to help her fans and people in the world stay positive and strong. She began an Instagram talk show titled “Bright Minded,” where she interviews anyone who wants to share their experiences during the lockdown.

Cyrus revealed to WSJ that she has some plans in place for future episodes of the talk show and fans can not wait for it to happen. If anything, Cyrus is doing a lot of good things with her platform and fans love her for it.

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Speaking about her Instagram talk show, the “Slide Away” singer said that she does not only want to speak positivity, rather, she wants to hear what different people all over the world have to say.

“I just want to pass the microphone that usually is in my hands to someone who does not have one.” She said.

She also noted hat there are local activists who are fighting for their communities to get better. In her words, they also need their voices to be heard.

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Another important detail that Cyrus mentioned about her live show, is that she booked everyone who would appear on the show by sending them a DM. Aside from hosting other famous people like Demi Lovato, Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington, Cyrus took a bold and brave step.

She also made the platform available to activists and medical practitioners whom she calls ‘heroes.’

“I’m sure some people some people I was reaching out to felt the same way I do, which is that my experience is so rare, it almost doesn’t feel right to talk about.” Cyrus said.

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