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Jennifer Aniston's Laundry Watch Ends In A Middle Finger To COVID-19 On Instagram

Gettyimages | David Livingston
By Rima Pundir

Jennifer Aniston is done with COVID-19 and has turned to profanity on Instagram, clearly showing her frustration with the home quarantine. On May 7, Aniston posted a throwback picture of hers, which at the time may have been aimed at the paparazzi but is now clearly targeting the Coronavirus pandemic. In the picture, she wears a disgruntled expression and is shown giving the middle finger, and seems to have been caught trying to enjoy some me-time with an iced drink by her side.

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The Picture May Be Old, The Thought Is All New

Jennifer Aniston showing the middle finger on Instagram
Jennifer Aniston / Instagram

The picture seems a few years old, probably during the time Aniston was at the peak of her career, playing Rachel Green in "Friends". This was also the time she was married to Brad Pitt, and together they were Hollywood's golden couple, till Pitt fell head over heels for Angelina Jolie, leaving Aniston heartbroken for a while. Aniston later married Justin Theroux and had an amicable divorce with him. For now, she lives with her dogs in her multi-million dollar mansion.

The Post Has Already Garned Millions Of Likes

Jennifer Aniston in happier times, enroute the SAG Awards
Jennifer Aniston / Instagram

Along with the picture, Aniston wrote, "Dear Covid...⁣ You can kindly F@!k off now thank you BYE [wave, middle finger, sad face emojis] TBT". Fans were suitably kicked with the post, and it has already generated more than six million likes. Celebrities were quick to respond to Aniston's hilarious post with Naomi Watts writing, "Word!". Lisa Kudrow commented with clapping signs and Michelle Pfeiffer backed Aniston, writing, "my sentiments exactly!". Aniston's finger is the perfect balm for COVID-19-frustrated souls.

Fans Are Loving Her Honest Frustration

Jennifer Aniston with one of her beloved dogs
Jennifer Aniston / Instagram

Other than celebrities, fans seemed to have flipped over Aniston's post as well with one commenting, "Maybe people and CoronaVirus can just be on a break?" This was a hilarious reference to Ross and Rachel's character storyline, in which Ross "cheats" on Rachel but in his defense, they were on a break. Another fan wrote, "👏And also to the murder hornets 🐝 that decided to show up in Washington state. If we get land sharks 🦈 next month, I’m tapping out. 👊"

Aniston Was Bored Enough To Sit & Watch The Laundry

A hazy picture of Jennifer Aniston watching the washer do laundry
Jennifer Aniston / Instagram

Aniston's boredom with quarantine has reached another level, with her recent Instagram story that showed her watching the laundry do its thing, with Tyga's "Bored in the House" playing in the background. Apparently, Aniston was so bored, she found watching the washing machine interesting, pulling a Monica, instead of a Rachel. Thankfully, she has her pooches for company, but even so, quarantining has sure begun to grate on the nerves or just about everyone around the world. For now, here's the trailer from Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon's "The Morning Show", streaming on Apple TV.

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