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Johnny Depp & Marilyn Manson performing on stage together

This Is The Strangest Marilyn Manson Memorabilia That Johnny Depps Owns!

Gettyimages | Chelsea Lauren
By Rima Pundir

Johnny Depp owns something really strange of Marilyn Manson. So strange that there has to be a background story behind it and neither Depp nor Manson disappoint. Of course, both Depp and Manson are pretty used to being in the news for controversial reasons, for Depp, most of it revolves around his high-profile marriage and divorce with Amber Heard. Other than being an actor, the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star fancies himself to be quite the musician, grooving with the likes of Alice Cooper and Manson as well.

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That Controversial Marilyn Manson Album Cover

The cover of Marilyn Manson's "Mechanical Animals"
Marilyn Manson / Instagram

Marilyn Manson is no stranger to controversy and gender fluidity if you could call it that. Other than once claiming that he had his ribs removed for a narrower frame, Manson also dressed up as an alien androgynous creature, replete with prosthetic breasts for the cover of his album "Mechanical Animals". Needless to say, the cover itself affected the sales when family-oriented stores like Target refused to have nudity displayed in their stores. But that is exactly what Depp got his hands on.

The Prosthetic Breasts Are In Depp's Possession Now

Nope, not the album, the prosthetic breasts are what Johnny Depp owns. But there is no lascivious tale behind it. It all started with Depp and Manson becoming friends and they even jived together on stage singing Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” together. Depp then appeared in two of Manson's music videos also, in “Say10” and “Kill4Me.” In return, Manson attended the premier of Depp's movie, "Blow" way back in 2001, and the duo have called themselves to be best friends for years.

The Exchange Was Made Over A Wig

Marilyn Manson posing for a new album
Marilyn Manson / Instagram

The story goes like this: Manson fancied one of the strawberry blonde wigs that Depp wore in "Blow" and a trade was made. Marilyn Manson's prosthetic breasts for Johnny Depp's wig. According to Yahoo News, Manson said, "I did trade my breasts from 'Mechanical Animals' for Johnny's wig from 'Blow', and I have that sitting here." But that is not the only thing Depp gave him, because the actor also gifted his friend a first edition signed Salvador Dali book titled "The Secret Death of Salvador Dali".

Depp Is A Friend Is Generous To A Fault: Gifting Manson A House

Depp with the '59 Les Paul guitar called "Greeny"
Johnny Depp / Instagram

But there's more to Depp as a friend. When Manson was filming for "Sons of Anarchy", he stayed at Depp's home, and made an offhand remark to Depp as how his digs were much nicer than what Manson owned. Depp told Manson, "Well I would just give you this house." To this Manson replied, "Well, you could have told me a week ago motherf****r. One week ago you could’ve told me but thanks." That's some cool friendship...

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