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Savannah Guthrie

Savannah Guthrie Experiences Hilarious Microphone Wardrobe Malfunction On 'Today'

Gettyimages | NBC
By Clark Sparky

Savannah Guthrie and her co-hosts on the "Today" show had a good laugh during the live broadcast on Thursday morning when she had some trouble with her microphone. There is potential for all sorts of hilarious moments as everyone adjusts to doing the show from their homes, and Guthrie learned that all too well.

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Just as the show was about to go live on air, Guthrie's microphone that was clipped to the top of her shirt fell down the inside of her shirt. She decided to reach in to retrive it, which was caught by the cameras.

"Right before we came on, my mic, which was right here, dropped down my shirt, and I knew I was supposed to read the intro, so I just made a decision to reach out and get it," Guthrie said.

All four hosts could be seen cracking up at the mishap. "That timing was perfect. I see a meme in your future or a GIF," Hoda Kotb joked.

"It was all very innocent!" Guthrie said.

This isn't the first time Guthrie has had a funny moment caught on camera while filming the show from home.

A couple of weeks ago, her five and three year-old climbed up onto her lap on live TV.

"Who decided it was time to curl up and snuggle up with Savannah? Charley!" Kotb exclaimed at the time, adding of the adorable mother-son moment, "My blood pressure went down SG!"

"They multiplied! Now they're both here," Guthrie joked. "In the sixth week of home basement broadcasting, we've really broken the seal. The duct tape on the door has been lifted and here they are."

"I think this should be our permanent morning boost, we'll just keep referring back," Kotb said.

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Despite the potential for embarrassing moments, Guthrie told "Entertainment Tonight" that she likes working from home.

"We're all getting a lot of time together, which is actually really great. But also I feel like our kids really need us right now — whatever age they are — whether they seem like it or not. They know and they sense, even little ones like ours," she said.

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