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James Kennedy visits the Bravo Clubhouse.

'Vanderpump Rules' James Kennedy Reveals His Thoughts On New Cast Member Dayna Kathan And Brett Caprioni

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By Lindsay Cronin

James Kennedy's "Vanderpump Rules" co-stars may not be feeling the newest members of the series, including Dayna Kathan, Brett Caprioni, Max Boyens, Danica Dow, and Charli Burnett, but when it comes to the DJ, he's a big fan of Kathan and Caprioni and has enjoyed the time he's spent with the two of them in the months since they joined the Bravo reality cast for season eight.

During an interview with Daryn Carp on "People Now," Kennedy spoke about the newbies.

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Loves Dayna Kathan And Brett Caprioni

James Kennedy performs at BravoCon.
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After meeting Kathan and Caprioni last summer amid production on the currently airing eighth season of "Vanderpump Rules," during which he opted to get sober, Kennedy took a liking to his new cast mates, both of whom work alongside him at SUR Restaurant.

"I love Dayna and I love Brett. I like them both. I get along... I'm super close with Brett. We play video games every day and we talk everyday. So yeah, I've gotten pretty close with Brett," he explained.

James Kennedy Believes Dayna Kathan Is 'Cool' And 'Down-To-Earth'

James Kennedy is seen on 'Watch What Happens Live.'
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"Dayna is really cool too. She's a cool chick. She's down to earth. She says it how it is, you know? I think she's funny and she's easy to be around. So I like them," Kennedy continued.

Kennedy then chatted about the double date he and girlfriend Raquel Leviss, who he's been dating since season four, had with Kathan and Caprioni on the show.

"The double date was great. It was a fun double date. It was different," he recalled. "It was different because normally my double dates on ['Vanderpump Rules'] consist of me sitting with someone like, 'I don't want to be here right now.' But not in that case."

James Kennedy Was Excited To Meet New People During 'Pump Rules' Season Eight

James Kennedy attends an MTV event.
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While some of his co-stars were hesitant to get to know the newbies, many of whom are substantially younger than the OGs of the series, Kennedy was completely on board.

"I'm really open-minded," he noted. "I can make friends pretty easily. I like to make friends and when someone is new, I've been the new person at SUR before. I know what it feels like and no one could shut me up when I started. I was like, 'I'm f**king here! What's up?'"

James Kennedy Appreciates His Bold New 'Pump Rules' Co-Stars

James Kennedy attends a Vanderpump Dogs event.
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According to Kennedy, he enjoyed the way in which some of his new cast mates joined the "Vanderpump Rules" cast and quickly made a name for themselves among the already established friend group of the show.

"And I can appreciate people like that. I can appreciate people that don't step aside and stand up," he explained.

To see more of Kennedy and his "Vanderpump Rules" co-stars, don't miss new episodes of the eighth season on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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