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Jessie J

Jessie J Drops Flaming Hot Red & Orange Striped Bikini While Living With Channing Tatum

Instagram @jessiej
By Jacob Highley

Jessie J recently posted a picture of herself showing off a brand new "mood" like never before seen on her Instagram. The "Price Tag" singer turned up the heat with a luscious red and orange striped two-piece bikini.

With her hair back, face up towards the sun, and an orange-accented background creating a very oriental vibe throughout, fans agree this is one of her best bikini photos ever.

'The wall color fits the tone of your body, and your suit😳❤️' - heartbeat_reign (Commenter)

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Did Channing Tatum Take The Picture?

Jessie J & Friend in Bikini
Instagram @jessiej

Several pictures have been published which show that the famous actor Channing Tatum is staying with Jessie during the current quarantine. This came as a big surprise for many fans due to their complicated relationship and some wonder whether this new bikini photo was taken by Channing himself.

Since 2018, their reported romance and breakups have continually been a hot topic in the news, and a recent interview with the "Wild" singer & Channing has shed some light on what's been going on between them.

Skepticism About Jessie And Channing

Jessie J Selfie
Instagram @Jessiej

When asked by "" about why they broke up Channing replied, "It’s complicated. I have a lot of things going on right now and that was hard for Jessie."

The interviewer wasn't convinced. Jessie came to defend Channing's response by saying, "The thing is, Channing has a responsibility to his kid and his previous family… and that’s not always easy for me."

This breakup came about three months after their first interview with "MockDiaries" in which Channing was quoted saying "All I’m saying is we are very happy to be spending time together again."

Jessie & Channing Back Together Again... Again?

Jessie j
Gettyimages | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

The "It's My Party" singer and the "Magic Mike" actor are reportedly back together after they celebrated Channing's 40th birthday, and about three days later it was reported they went on an intimate motorcycle ride together.

Four days later after that, we now have pictures showing Channing wearing MC Hammer-like gold pants while taking the trash out at Jessie's residence.

While many social influencers have decided to quarantine together, (Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron from the "Bachelorette" are an example) fans can't help but question if this is all just a fancy sleepover for Jessie and Channing.

Is Jessie Trying To Make Channing Jealous?

Jessie J on the street
Gettyimages | Neil Mockford

Half of [Jessie]('s most recent posts from four days ago to the present day are all modeling photos and some show more skin than others.

One picture, in particular, showed the hit artist topless while showing off a transparent top outfit with a plunging bikini bottom piece.

She captioned the post saying, "My phone flipped onto selfie mode by accident this morning when I was making breakfast. Took this.#styledbyme"

One fan wittingly asked in the comment section, "Did you burn breakfast? Lol".

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