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Kew Media Is Out Of Business Following Multiple Client Debts

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By Favour

Kew Media Distribution may no longer be in business as the company has incurred a lot of debts from their clients. According to a report, over 250 clients are being owed money and no one knows if the list is longer that it looks.

The report also mentioned that the TV and film series company is officially out of business and it would not take long for lawsuits to start pouring in. Fans are saying that the warning signs that this company was going bankrupt have been there since February.

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Apparently, the rumors and green light has been going on since the beginning of the year, but no one knew it would come to this. A parent company attached to Kew Media, which is known as Kew Media Group also folded in February. This news made the headlines and a lot of people were concerned about what could have happened with the company. More importantly, people were disturbed about the associates, stakeholders and clients who would be affected by the busy at the end of the day.

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Among the clients who have come crashing with the company, is Netflix. According to some statements, Netflix was a big part of the media company and incurred a great loss at well.

For many years now, Netflix has thrived in the hearts and lives of several people in the world. The application is now available in almost every part of the world. This means that they have maintained a prioritized legacy all these years and fans have no idea if this loss will affect the organization deeply.

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Another prospective loss from the company’s breakdown, is the Cable News Network. There is no known report of how much CNN has lost in the course of this misadventure but the network no doubt shares in this loss like other clients.

CNN is known as an American news television channels that dispenses breaking news throughout the world. It has several divisions, ranging from world news to country news to sports world. The network came was founded by Ted Turner, an American media personality in 1980.

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According to the FTI consultant for Kew Media Distributions, the company had a debt of £11 million to pay to its producers and some other clients. However, the figure is only an estimation from clients that have come forward to lay claim. The FTI also revealed that when all the records are thoroughly examined, the debt may be higher than what it looks like now.

Another report also confirmed that one client that incurred a great loss, Amos Pictures, who is the Producer of “Leaving Neverland.”

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