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Prince Charles’ Advice To Late Princess Diana Caused Lots of Problems, Claims Biographer

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Princess Diana was many things, according to sources, but one thing she or any other human being would have a hard time doing, is behaving like someone else. It is mostly difficult for actors on set to take on another character, not to talk of humans in real life leading a life like someone else.

According to a biographer, Prince Charles initially wanted his wife to take up behavioral lessons from Sarah Ferguson and this caused more harm than good in the long run.

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Acting like someone she was not, was hard enough, but the bad thing about it, was that it was her husband suggesting it. Reports revealed that when the princess knew what was on her husband’s mind, she was not feel ecstatic about it. Furthermore, his comments may have usurped a giant doubt in her mind, that the prince is attracted to and loves her dearly.

There is nothing more unpleasant than a woman who undoubtedly believes that her husband does not see her with love and passion.

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From the exterior view, Diana was an amazing wife and role model to a lot of people, but unknown to the world, there were a lot of things that were imperfect in her life. She was the daughter of an amazing and prestigious family, so, striving for perfection may have come naturally with her. It was not hard for the royals to make her a driving force that they looked up to and it seemed like she did not even have the luxury of making a mistake.

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Diana has no problems with the outer perfect behavior, but what the senior royals never counted on, was that she could express her pain and hurts. At a point, whenever she was feeling emotionally down, she did not hide it, even if there were cameras in her face. A report even confirmed that Diana knew that her husband‘s heart belonged to Camilla, and she did not stand a chance.

With Diana’s sad aura all over the place, it was not much work to start comparing her to Prince Andrew’s wife, Sarah Ferguson.

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Speaking about her ordeal with a biographer named Andrew Morton, Diana said that the Duchess of York’s ability to sweep everyone under her wings with her good humor and charms, made her feel jealous and helpless.

“Wooed everyone in this family and did it so well. She left me looking like dirt.” Diana said.

In order not to lose the one person she was madly in love with, Diana succumbed to Prince Charles’ advice, but that was in no way enough for him.

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