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Amanda Bynes Takes A Selfie In The Mirror

Where Is Amanda Bynes Following Her Pregnancy Update?

Instagram | Amanda Bynes
By Desmund Ullrich

It has been almost two months since we heard anything from Amanda Bynes following the post containing a sonogram with the caption that said “Baby in the making!” While Bynes didn't provide any further details, the post implied that she and fiancé, Paul Michael, were expecting. This post came prior to their public, and almost subsequent, engagement, breakup, and reunion announcements.

Now the nail-bitting saga continues, and though Amanda Bynes nor Paul Michael have come forth themselves, a Bynes representative has come forward with additional news.

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Amanda Bynes’ Lawyer Announces That She Isn't Really Pregnant

Amanda Bynes' Mugshot
Gettyimages | Handout

In a short statement to E! News the representative, lawyer David Esquibias, revealed that the couple is not expecting their first child. "Amanda is not pregnant. And she is sheltering in a safe location," were the only details that Esquibias disclosed.

However, the lawyer did confirm that she "is not living in a sober living facility." So, where is Bynes following her pregnancy news? Well, considering the current pandemic it's easy to assume that Bynes' new disappearance had little to do with sobriety and more to do with social distancing.

Amanda Bynes Is Not Currently Experiencing Issues With Drug Abuse

Amanda Bynes During Her Issues With Mental Health And Drug Abuse
Daily Mirror | Amanda Bynes

It was last reported that Bynes had checked into a mental health facility in March when Esquibias told Us Weekly that "Any reports that Amanda is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction issues are completely false. We ask for privacy during this time, and for any speculation about her personal life from the public and the media to cease so Amanda can focus on getting better."

Though his statements seem quite trite, Bynes has suffered from both drug abuse and mental health issues of the past. He now says that she is sheltering in a "safe place."

Bynes Now Has Someone In Her Corner

A Selfie of Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael
Instagram | Amanda Bynes

Now with Paul Michael in Bynes' corner fans are beginning to wonder who to believe, Bynes, or the representatives of her conservatorship.

Earlier this week Paul Michael confirmed that he and Bynes are "still together" and “doing good” despite the false reports that the couple had not really reconciled after their first breakup.

There has been no confirmation from Bynes' fiancé if she is expecting. Previously, he took to his own social media with pregnancy news after 'The Amanda Show' star posted her ultrasound.

Her Mother Is Less Than Thrilled About It All

Amanda Bynes and Her Parents Compared To Amanda Bynes Now
Daily Mail | Amanda Bynes

Bynes has been under conservatorship since 2014, this means that if she and Paul Michael were to get married it would be with the permission of her mother and conservator, Lynn Bynes who was less than thrilled about the pregnancy.

"Amanda’s mom is furious she is pregnant as treating her mental health issues has become complicated. Amanda doesn’t want to take some of the meds because of dangers to [her] baby," an insider previously revealed.

While it's hard to make out the truth in the fog that surrounds Bynes, at least we can confirm that the young star is safe.

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