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Selena Gomez in a white tank.

Selena Gomez Is HIRING! Are You 'The Right Person' To 'Lead This Mission?'

Selena Gomez | Instagram
By Alyssa McCraw

If you were lucky enough to keep your job during the global pandemic, you might want to consider a career change once you hear this. Or if you were lucky enough to still still have your job, now would be a great time to consider that career change - because Selena Gomez is accepting applications.

No, you won't be fetching her green drink between wardrobe fittings and studio sessions. Her recently launched Rare Beauty brand is looking to hire a Director of Social Impact.

A Rare Opportunity

Selena Gomez smiling.
Selena Gomez | Instagram

And they need someone now.

Despite the virus outbreak, Gomez' brand is still planned to launch this summer. Scott Friedman, CEO of Rare Beauty, told Insider about the pop star's vision for the position.

"When we first began discussing this project, she immediately focused on the ways she could use this brand to help people who are struggling."

"And she came at it from a very personal perspective – she had posted on her Instagram, at one point, about 'the beauty myth' and the impossible standards of beauty that women are forced to live up to, and how that pressure can impact a person's self-esteem and mental health."

Your Job Focus Is On Selena's Passions

Selena Gomez in white
Selena Gomez | Instagram

The Director of Social Impact must take forth the shaping of conversations surrounding "many of Gomez' aspirations and passions: beauty, self-acceptance, and mental health."

"The director of social impact will help us go beyond words and really take action to support mental health awareness," Friedman said. "We can only do this if a leader is solely focused on this responsibility. This position is a vital part of holding our brand accountable, both internally and externally."

They also have high hopes on who else will be held accountable by the culture they're working to build.

Gomez Says Go Apply

Selena Gomez backstage
Selena Gomez | Instagram

As Insider said, "both Friedman and Gomez want to bring together organizations, philanthropists, policymakers, and brands that also want to raise awareness and support for mental health, and hold corporations to a higher standard."

Gomez herself said the big picture is to "make a positive difference in the world," and that will be the focus of her Director of Social Impact.

"We had always planned on having someone lead this mission, but we felt that it was imperative to hire the best person for the job now," Gomez said.

Making Things 'Authentically Connected'

Selena Gomez in a bathing suit.
Selena Gomez | Instagram

"Together, we will work to make sure our brand [...] shapes conversations around mental health and self-acceptance, while giving people access to more support and services."

The job advert, now live on LinkedIn, has received 580 applications as of this writing. Its full description says the brand "is focused on making a measurable difference in mental health."

"We will work to help people get more access to support and services. We want to help people feel more authentically connected to one another and less alone in this world."

Polish up that résumé and shoot your shot!!

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