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Meghan and Harry's Fans Look Forward To New Social Media As Archie's Birthday Approaches

Gettyimages | WPA Pool
By Savannah Pointer

Fans of the former working royals, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, are braced for what they believe will be a new social media account ahead of their baby’s first birthday.

Meghan and Harry had been using the account “Sussex Royal” while they were working as part of the royal family, but that account was left behind, and the pair have been without an online presence since their departure from the family. However, their son, Archie, will be turning one year old on May 6, and their fans believe that they’ll likely start a new account to commemorate the event.

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The Couple’s Former Account Amassed A Huge Following

HRH of Sussex/Instagram

The Sussex Royal Instagram account, which was created in 2019, gained 11 million followers in the short time that it was operational. The account was suspended (but left online) after the couple’s March departure from the royal family.

According to a report in Cheat Sheet sourced sited by the publication believe that the pair will create an account for their brand, Archwell, which is named after their son Archie. It is believed that the couple has already had photos taken of the newest member of their family, the only question that remains is how they’ll publish it.

One Royal Editor Explained Their Desire To Stay Out Of The Spotlight

HRH of Sussex/Instagram's Royal Editor at Large Omid Scobie said he believes that the little royal’s birthday will “go by quietly,” according to an interview published in The Express.

The pair recently responded to the photograph of themselves that set the internet abuzz is reportedly going to have a prominent place in the American home of the American home of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“The picture that I took of Harry and Meghan in the rain recently, I’ve never had a reaction to a picture like that one,” the photographer, Samir Hussein told Us Weekly.

The Photographer Talked About How The Photograph Came To Be

HRH of Sussex/Instagram

“In terms of the reaction I’ve had from people, that’s got to be the most iconic from that point of view. I spoke to some of their team and they were really happy about it and talking about it.”

Hussein explained that the photo of the Sussexes’ was taken during one of their final royal appearances and was taken during the pouring rain in a lucky shot by the longtime Getty photographer.“It was pouring down with rain, which can be very tricky when shooting flash photography,”

The Photographer Explained How The Photo Was Taken

HRH of Sussex/Instagram

Hussein told Vogue. “[It] also meant Harry and Meghan would be under an umbrella, which usually means it’s hard to get clean photos of the couple. Little did I know these elements would come together so spectacularly to produce a timeless image.

The Getty photographer explained, “I knew that if that light could be lined up to be right behind as they walked, then it could create a dramatic photo, acting like a backlight in a studio shot.

“It’s a one in a million, when all the elements you could wish for as a photographer come together—perfect timing, great lighting, strong symbolism, and amazing subjects.”

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