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JLo Encouraged Fans With Optimistic Instagram Post

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman/SHJ2019
By Savannah Pointer

Jennifer Lopez addressed her 119 million Instagram followers, encouraging them to take heart while in the midst of panic and frustration over the ongoing Coronavirus stay at home orders.

Lopez posted a series of care free images of herself jumping in the air with a joyful look on her face with the caption: “In this time, when it’s so easy to get down and think of all the things going wrong and what we don’t have and don’t know the answers to...

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Lopez’ Instagram Post Was Both Optimistic And Grateful


“I make it a habit to say three things I’m grateful for as soon as I open my eyes and then at night when I’m lying in bed I list three good things out loud that happened that day,” Lopez went on in her post about keeping yourself sane during the COVID-19 scare.

“Could be anything... and I try to change them so they are not the same everyday,” she explained, going on to tell her beloved fans she believes it would be helpful to “Stay positive and stay safe. Love you and miss you all... together we will soon be ❤️”

Fans Were Grateful For Lopez’ Message


“I used to do this! Such a good reminder to start again!” reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian chimed in. “Even in the toughest times, you always seem to make life feel beautiful. Sending you and the family lots & lots of love,” producer Corey Rooney said. “One of the things I'm the most grateful for is you, and that doesn't change ever,” said a Lopez fan account.

Lopez and other celebrities have been attempting to keep guide their fans toward positivity during what has been a stressful time for many.

Lopez Caused Fans To Hope For A Sequel To Her Famous Early 2000’ Flick


Actor Matthew McConaughey uploaded a video to his Twitter account, talking about his experience filming “The Wedding Planner” with actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, on Friday.

McConaughey shared some of his memories from how he obtained the 2001 role in the clip and explained that, “Jennifer was already cast, they were looking for the male lead. I think we were coming up against a writer strike. "So, what that means is that the industry was trying to get as many movies made as quickly as possible because of the possibility you wouldn't be making any movies. There would be sort of a strike where you couldn't make any movies."

McConaughey’s Tweet Seemed To Be In Response To Lopez'


The Texas native’s walk down memory lane appeared to be triggered by Lohan’s video in which she reminisced working on the early 2000s film and tagged McConaughey saying, “You are enough,” quoting his line in the film.

"You are enough," Lopez wrote alongside the video, also tagging the "Dallas Buyers Club" star. McConaughey, 50, responded in the comments, writing, "You are more than enough."

The pair further sparked rumors when Lohan re-tweeted her fellow “Wedding Planner” star’s tweet and said “Let’s do it again soon.”

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