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The Kardashians

Fans Are Not Entertained by 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'

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By Ivy Pope

Keeping Up with the Kardashians aired in 2007, and pop culture was shook up by them. They took the world by storm. There was somebody that everyone could relate too, supposidely.

They shared their world with the viewers, their lives, and as a result we've seen many fights and meltdowns. But the one thing we've always seen, until recently, was that it seemed real, unscripted, and that is definitely what drew the viewers in during their early years.

It led the family to follow their various paths, like Kim Kardashian West's shape wear and Kylie Jenner's cosmetics line.

The family grew more famous, more in the light of Hollywood, and we saw more and more tabloid scandals that outshone the family drama.

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Plastic surgery, cheating, and many stories from the family lived at least two seasons, warping the reality of how long the family actually dealt with an incident.

It's classic tv, that's true, but there's certainly tampering behind the scenes. Show producers have aired things out of order, and have even planned events to happen on-air. Some reports have even claimed that the homes that are seen on the show are not the actual homes that the family owns, but stock images.

A Reddit thread has come to light, where they are discussing how staged the family has become.

The Kardashians
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One user posted, "I have to say that the optics of Kris and MJ browsing black men for Khloe at a sporting goods store is NOT good.

I’d love to see what the staff that comes up with/approves these staged scenes looks like..."

In reply another user said: "You’d hope that a family full of women that predominantly date black men and have a family full of black children would at some point flag this as problematic or bad optics at the very least, but NOPE!"

The Kardashians
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The scene in question, is literally Kris "picking" somebody for Khloe to date, essentially. "I know for fact that if I were a black man, I would absolutely not date Khloe. Not that she doesn't look nice, but it would feel like she only wants me because i'm black, she wants black children and for all the reputations she's been true. And after all the ''get out'' jokes I just wouldn't want to be a part of that. For real, who wants that? Sorry for saying it, you(referring to me) would look like a fool if you were to date her. You (I) would be just another black man who were trapped," one user posted, giving their thoughts on the topic.

Then the conversation turned to, why do the Kardashians think that the fans want fake drama? "I was laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. They don’t have to come up with these elaborate story lines. I wouldn’t mind if they kept things real and showed us the more mundane aspects of their lives," said one user.

The Kardashians
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Somebody pointed out, maybe it never was real in the first place, but simply easier to fake. "It was utterly ridiculous and cringeworthy. Back in the day it may’ve been funnier/easier to pretend they’d do something like this, but it’s so far fetched at this point and they’re not entertaining enough. They’ve overexposed themselves to the point where we know what’s real and what’s not."

And of course, fans are annoyed by the idea that Khloe HAS to have a man to prove her worth, or HAS to have more children than just the one. "The whole "Khloe freeze your eggs, Khloe you MUST date" narrative is so annoying. What if she only has one kid? What's wrong with that? I get so annoyed on her behalf. At least Malika made sense. Kris's conversation at lunch was so awkward, I felt bad for Khloe and Kendall

Really enjoyed seeing MJ again and the painting section with Scott, Kendall and Khloe was great. I wish we had more of that.

Scott and Kim working on his speech was funny "I should have had someone less famous over" lol

I do feel we have had this episode done already over the last 18 seasons though, the improv class reminded me of the class Khloe and Kim did early on," wrote one angry fan.

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