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'Gold Rush' Tyler Mahoney Makes Fans Lustful In Glitzy Dress for Season Finale

Tyler Mahoney / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Tyler Mahoney emerged as the breakout star during the latest season of "Gold Rush: Parker's Trail," and just as she delivered during the series, the young star didn't disappoint to excite fans while celebrating the season finale.

The 23-year-old gold prospector shared photos of her OOTD on Friday night as Discovery was preparing to air the final episode of the "Gold Rush" spinoff. Tyler had played a huge role in the series, as she helped co-star Parker Schnabel navigate the vast Australian terrain on the search for a big payoff.

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All Cleaned Up

Tyler Mahoney / Instagram

Even though Tyler spent most of the "Gold Rush" season covered in a layer of Outback dirt, she revealed an impressive glow up while celebrating the end of a successful season.

Showing off her new orange hair, Tyler revealed a tight low-cut shirt that would make any prospector weak in the knees. The Western Aussie native completed her look with jeans, a patterned belt and large shiny earrings.

The reality star didn't reveal exactly where she was watching the final episode of the season but obviously her options have been limited with the global quarantine still in effect.

Future With Parker?

Tyler Mahoney / Instagram

Even though the season ended, it doesn't appear that Parker's work in Australia is over. The Discovery star made a big decision in the final episode of "Parker's Trail" that will keep him in the Outback for the considerable future.

Parker purchased some land Down Under that he feels will yield an impressive amount of gold, but fans thought there was something brighter than gold that made Parker stick around.

"But when does he marry Tyler?!!" one fan wrote on Twitter after the season finale aired.

Others couldn't ignore the on-screen chemistry between the two and thought it really made for a great season of television.

"I am going to miss this season of Gold Rush Parker’s Trail. 😕 You and the guys made this season great! A great crew to watch!" comments about the couple read.

She Knows Her Stuff

Tyler Mahoney / Instagram

Tyler definitely got the attention of viewers this season because of her striking good looks and electric eyes, but she also proved that her gold prospecting skills are some of the best in the world. While helping Parker navigate through the Outback during the season, Tyler was relied upon to help connect the crew to the local mining culture, as she comes from a long line of prospectors.

Her hard work paid off, as Tyler was one of the few to find a huge nugget while checking out some of Parker's land, which ultimately helped him make a decision about sticking around in Australia.

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