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Hannah Montana Cast

Miley Cyrus Admits She Didn't Always Get Along With On-Screen BFF Emily Osment

Gettyimages | Jesse Grant
By Desmund Ullrich

The Disney Channel was all about family and friendships from the late-2000s to the early 2010s. This era also brought the talent of Cole and Dylan Sprouse, Selna Gomez, Debby Ryan, and other notables who are still our favorites as adults.

Of all the superstars that the new Millenium Disney brought us, Miley Cyrus is still one of the most iconic and she was set up for stardom with the show 'Hannah Montana' which co-starred her father, country music legend Billy Ray Cyrus.

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'Hannah Montana' Was Hard On The Entire Family

Miley Cyrus
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Though many adults have fond memories of watching the show, either as kids or with their kids, Hannah Montana herself, Miley Cyrus has constantly revealed how hard the stardom was on her as a child.

Apparently, it was equally as hard on her family and Billy Ray Cyrus previously blamed the show on his daughters out of control behavior when her Disney contract ended back in 2011. Miley Cyrus, who was then 18-years-old, went through an experimental period following the restrictions that she had under her contract.

Cyrus Says The Show 'Destroyed' His Family

Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus
Gettyimages | NBC

While Miley Cyrus isn't the first child star to say that a contract kept her from learning, growing, and finding themselves, her father has said he wished the show never happened. 'The damn show destroyed my family,' Cyrus told GQ magazine. 'I'd take it back in a second. For my family to be here and just everybody be okay, safe and sound and happy and normal would have been fantastic. Heck, yeah. I'd erase it all in a second if I could.'

The Show Also Ruined A Friendship

Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus
Gettyimages | Alberto E. Rodriguez

Cyrus also had a co-star that went through a similar phase, Emily Osment, though she kept it pretty low key. Throughout the series, the duo experienced crazy adolescent antics and seemed to be the best of friends.

Unfortunately, the two did not help each other through the late bloom of adulthood because their relationship had slowly fell by the waste side. For the fans, their 'friendship' charade was convincing throughout their time on the show but both later admitted that they were no longer close.

Friendships Do Last Forever

Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus
Gettyimages | Mirek Towski

'When we first met, automatically she and I were really, really close. When we’re together we’re never quiet because there’s so much to talk about and there are so many stories,' Cyrus said in a 2008 interview.

Later Cyrus opened up about Osment in her autobiography 'Mile To Go' saying that the rocky times were the hardest, 'Emily and I tried to be friends, we really did, but it always ended in a fight.'

As time went on they drifted far apart but in March 2020, the actresses had the reunion fans had been waiting years for on Cyrus’ Instagram Live talk show 'Bright Minded: Live with Miley,' proving to that friends really are forever.

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