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Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb Caught Swooning Over This Actor During Commercial Break, And He Heard It All!

Gettyimages | NBC
By Marisa Roman

Have you ever had that moment where you’re talking about someone, perhaps you might have the hots for, and don’t realize that they have heard every single word? Well, this just recently happened during a segment on ‘The Today Show’. Anchors, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb had a little microphone mishap on the show recently when they had on actor Matthew McConaughey and it turns out to be just as embarrassing as we could expect. Why? Because McConaughey heard the whole thing.

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Matthew McConaughey / Instagram

Earlier in the week, Guthrie and Kotb were interviewing the popular actor and longtime heartthrob to discuss his coronavirus relief efforts with wife Camila Alves during the pandemic. After the interview and when they three said their goodbyes, it was likely assumed that McConaughey’s access to the microphone feed would be cut, right? Wrong. The segment ended and during the commercial, both Guthrie and Kotb began speaking about McConaughey, and let's just say, they were not talking about his coronavirus relief efforts.

Matthew McConaughey / Instagram

The Academy-Award winning actor was on the morning show via video feed in order to discuss how he and his wife are aiming to reach more Spanish-speaking households who may have been missing the important PSA’s about wearing masks because of translation issues. McConaughey invented a character named Bobby Bandito, who is fluent in Spanish, in hopes to pass on important information to these areas that were being overlooked. McConaughey said, “As much as we can get the message out in whatever way, we’re going to keep trying to do that.”

Matthew McConaughey / Instagram

At the end of the segment, during commercial break, the Today Show co-stars began gushing over the actor’s…attributes, and didn’t realize that the actor could still hear them! After coming back from commercial, the two extremely embarrassed journalists ended up addressing their off-camera convo, and McConaughey seemed to get a kick out of it all. Kotb said laughing, “Savannah and I were having little conversation in the commercial break and Matthew was listening, so we’d like to apologize.” McConaughey responded with a laugh Everything’s good!”

Gettyimages | NBC

Meanwhile, Guthrie explained her own remorse by saying, “That was embarrassing. Matthew, sorry you had to hear us talking about you that way,” to which Kotb then admitted, “Drooling over you.” McConaughey added an “It’s all good,” and then finished with a wink. For the rest of the show, however, Guthrie and Kotb got some flack from some other co-hosts, Craig Melvin and Al Roker. Guthrie ended up admitting, “Basically they were talking about how delightful Matthew McConaughey was … in every way.” Roker couldn’t pass up a chance to tease the ladies, and said, “Folks, I wish you could’ve heard their embarrassment when they realized he was listening. They were so busted!”

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