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Karine & Paule Stahle with family members at wedding

'90 Day Fiance': Paul & Karine Announce Second Pregnancy

Paul Staehle | Instagram
By A. Elise

While the latest season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days has certainly brought on the drama, a lot has been happening in the lives of couples who no longer appear on the show.

Long-time fans of the show will remember Paul Staehle and Karine Martins. Staehle traveled to Brazil to meet Martins for the first time, and they eventually wed after several visits. A recently posted Instagram Story seems to indicate that Karine is expecting the couple's second child.

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Karine Martins Staehle
Karine Staehle | Instagram

Martins and Staehle had a son, Pierre, just one year ago. It was not always an easy road for the couple, however.

90 Day Fiance viewers saw Martins experience a miscarriage with her first pregnancy. They were told by the doctor that their baby had some health abnormalities, and later the baby passed away. This shocked the couple, but Martins was able to get pregnant again soon after that. In March, son Pierre turned one year old, and it looks like he may become an older brother soon.

Paul & Karine
Paul Staehle | Instagram

On Instagram, Staehle posted a photo of his wife and reality show co-star with a heart pasted over her stomach and the word "baby" written above her. It is not clear how long the couple has known about the upcoming baby, but sources report that the couple wanted to wait for a while to make sure that the pregnancy did not have any serious complications.

The couple, while willing to announce the pregnancy, has not been clear about an expected due date or the baby's sex.

Paul & Karine
Karine Staehle | Instagram

According to social media, 90 Day Fiance fans have mixed opinions about a Martins-Staehle pregnancy. After all, the couple has not always been in a good place emotionally, physically, or financially.

One reason people are so critical? Martins and Staehle don't speak the same language, which leads to a lot of marital issues and communication problems. They have publicly discussed divorce in the past, and it seems as if they have seriously considered separating on their seasons of TLC's reality show.

Paul, Karine, & Pierre
Paul Staehle | Instagram

Some people on social media have also pointed out the fact that Staehle has struggled to find employment in the past. It has also been unclear where the couple lives and if they have resources to raise children. Staehle has a criminal record that involves arson, which could make employment difficult.

It is also unclear if the couple is still going to be filming for the show. For a long time, it appeared to be the couple's main paycheck. It also seemed to bring on a lot of criticism, particularly of Steahle's unwillingness to learn Portuguese and frequent emotional outbursts.

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