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Cardi B

Cardi B Fabulizes Fans With Sultry-Vampish Black Dress, Twerking & More

Gettyimages | Raymond Hall & Instagram @iamcardib
By Jacob Highley

Cardi B just dropped some seriously hot vibes down to planet Earth! Not only did she post a smoking hot picture of herself dreaming of getting a tan, but she posted some absolutely delicious updates of herself twerking and posing in 'Hello Kitty' lingerie!

Almost comically, the Goddess-like music artist captioned the post saying 'I need a tan'!

Hold onto your seats and try not to fall in love as we show you how this 27 year old beauty steals the hearts of fans worldwide!

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Cardi B? She Get's Straight A's From Us!

Cardi B
Instagram @iamcardib

Admittedly, there are few people on planet earth who can talk about this woman with an unbiased tone. (She's so hot!)

That being said, we will try to stay professional and represent her appropriately. That is to say you are going to melt after you see the 'Girls Like You' star wear a tiny 'Hello Kitty' two-piece.

Not every woman has the curves to pull off this look to perfection, and not every woman has wide hips that compliment them so well. Cardi would say that she practically invented the look.

Cardi Twerks

Cardi B
Instagram @iamcardib

We didn't take much thought in how we were going to title this portion of the article because in truth there are few things occupying our minds right now aside from Cardi's incredible twerking skills.

Look, you're either blind or dead if you aren't mesmerized by Cardi moving her rear end like a pro. What's ironic about the post is that she isn't even wearing aa skimpy outfit or anything.

Who woulda thought a casual white outfit was all she needed?

Cardi & Her Hubby

Cardi & Her Hubby
Instagram @Iamcardib

If you missed the 'Invasion of Privacy' artist having her boob, err... supported by her husband while strutting on the red carpet - we're not sure where you've been.

We're not saying Cardi enjoys having her chest grabbed by her hubby while being publicly photographed... but she didn't exactly disapprove!

She captioned the post, 'Babe my titties keep popping out.'

Fans thought this was epic and responded accordingly.

'🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️' - docmacjoy (Commenter)

All in all, her husband looks like he'd been wanting to do that all night!

Cardi Looks Like She's Preparing To Win Miss USA

Cardi B
Gettyimages | Steven Ferdman

So how does one go from a rapper to 'tripple platinum' like the 'I Like It' artist? That's a question best left for Cardi herself because there are few women who can compete!

As many of her fans will tell you, she is one of the most incredible women alive.

'Wow!!! 😭😍 You look like America’s Next Top Model! 😍😍' - bobbylytes (Commenter)

'This is straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥Cardi' - swazystyles (Commenter)

'Nice outfit for the internet 😍' - freakymarko2 (Commenter)

'WOW. You look STUNNING!' - soldefinition (Commenter)

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