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Are 'Gold Rush' Stars Parker Schnabel & Tyler Mahoney Dating? Fans Think So!

Tyler Mahoney / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Parker Schnabel headed to Australia for the newest season of "Gold Rush: Parker's Trail," and along with digging up some nuggets ... it looks like he also may have struck up a romance with his new co-star.

Schnabel was first introduced to Tyler Mahoney in the newest season of the Discovery "Gold Rush" spinoff, as he left Alaska and went Down Under to explore the abandoned mines of Australia.

23-year-old Tyler comes from a long line of Australian gold prospector and took Parker under her wing as they looked for gold in the Outback.

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They Hit It Off

Tyler Mahoney / Instagram

The on-screen chemistry between Parker and Tyler is undeniable, as the two young stars have a lot in common, including their quest for shiny gold nuggets.

They are both young in age but stand out as wise gold prospectors with years of experience. They've also got gold running through their veins as both come from mining families.

The potential for a romance between the reality stars has been noticed by viewers who believe gold isn't the only thing on Parker and Tyler's mind.

"So you and Parker have a thing? Or are all the fans way off?? That swimming in the natural spring was way more than just looking for gold." one fan commented on social media.

Will We Find Out?!

Tyler Mahoney / Instagram

Tyler has been fueling romance rumors even after the "Gold Rush: Parker's Trail" cameras were turned off as she has been sharing BTS photos of the two while Parker was still in Australia.

Tyler recently shared a photo after stripping down in the Australian heat while she was checking out a river for crocodiles while prospecting with Parker.

"Future Mr & Mrs maybe ??" one fan asked.

Their question wasn't totally off the mark, as one of Tyler's friends appeared to verify there may be something going on between the two reality stars.

"im saying without getting in trouble... yes hahaha," the friend answered. The woman who claimed to be in the know is actually followed by Tyler on IG, so it's possible there's some truth to the rumors.

Already Defending Him

Tyler Mahoney / Instagram

Whether or not there is a romance going on between Tyler and Parker, it's clear she's ready to defend him against online trolls.

After sharing a BTS photo of the two during their time on "Gold Rush: Parker's Trail," one fan took a shot at the young Alaskan gold miner.

"Why the hell is Parker always so goddamn filthy?! Nobody else looks like they’re abstaining from personal hygiene. That boy," the fan commented.

Tyler didn't have an issue mixing it up with the fan and set them straight about the nature of digging around in the dirt for gold.

"we had literally just worked a 12 hour day using a dry blower, it’s not clean work," Tyler responded.

She's already ride or die.

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